Increase Your Bench Press By 10kg

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Bench an extra 10kg in one month

Bench an extra 10kg in one month

It would be fair to say that there are three measurements that us guys will know about ourselves…  Our shoe size, length of penis and our MAX bench press.

Here’s how you can increase your bench press by 10kg…

Many people that I see in gyms seem to think that if they lift for hours four, five times per week they will increase strength, but this is not true.

To boost strength in your chest muscles without adding extra sets, slow your reps down and bench press in slow motion.  Try raising and lowering the bar under control with 4secs lowering the bar and 10secs raising the bar.

You will use more muscle fibres intensely by benching slowly.  Studies have been conducted that showed men that took longer to lift with lower weight, increased strength faster than men using a normal lifting technique.

To try this controlled slower method, lower your benching weight by 30% and do 4-8reps.  You should be able to increase your weight 2-3kgs per week.

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