Introduction To Pre/Post Natal Exercise

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Fitness Training During Pregnancy

Fitness Training During Pregnancy

Since the 1970s, even with the obesity rates increasing there has been a large increase in the number of women becoming physically active.  There are more athletic opportunities available to women than there has ever been and women are generally more aware of the benefits of being healthy than men.

This increase in women’s awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles have made them more demanding in questioning health & fitness professionals, particularly when it comes to exercise and pregnancy.

In the past, any form of exercise during pregnancy was discouraged and even encouraged to adopt a sedentary lifestyle.  Now it is very much seen by the medical and the health and fitness industry that exercise is not only good during pregnancy, but important.  However, regardless of your level of fitness it is advised that you should change from a get fit training program to a maintenance program.

A Few Recommendations:

  • Consult your Doctor and advise your fitness professional that you are pregnant so they can adjust you program accordingly.
  • Ask if your fitness professional is Pre/Post Natal Exercise qualified.
  • Regular, moderate intensity – change from a get fit mentality to a maintenance training program.
  • Don’t exercise on your back after the 4th month of pregnancy.
  • Stop exercising when fatigued, remember this is now a maintenance training program.
  • Make sure you take on board plenty of water, before, during and after.

Just to Note:

  • Be aware of physiological changes during pregnancy.
  • Remember, especially if you are a regular gym goer, that you wont be able to do much of what you were capable of before, so lower your weights, decrease your time training, listen to your body.

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