Weight Training Works At Home Too

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Planning your home gym

Planning your home gym

Yes, the home gym isn’t quite the same as the commercial gym experience but can still be just as effective.

At home you don’t have to share the gym kit and that means no waiting around and no excuses for unnecessary rests.

So is the home gym experience effective and does it work? Well, there is no difference between the commercial gym and the home gym, your muscles will respond to exercise where ever you train and whatever you train with.  Muscle cells usually called muscle fibres) grow in a process called hypertrophy, your muscles won’t care whether they are being trained with a couple of rusty dumbbells in your home or a fancy health club.

81Qf2wR6pzL._SL1500_Knowledge is key, so a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology and understanding how to grow muscle is important.  When doing a strength training exercise, the resistance is usually a combination of weights and gravity.

Overload is key to the growth of muscle mass, which although sounding extreme simply just means is giving your muscles more work than they are used to.  The average gym membership lasts no longer than 12 weeks from joining, the gyms are full of people who although train in fancy health clubs, don’t have the power of knowledge and therefore don’t lift heavy enough weights, overload needs to be progressive, as the muscle develops, the weight should increase.

This all needs to be factored in when thinking about equipment for your home gym.  Your training should also be gradual, progressive and should include rest.  Rest is a key factor often over looked by people entering into a training regime.  Your muscles develop during rest (the recovery between workouts).  There are 3 elements to successful training…

  1. The Workout
  2. Rest
  3. Good Nutrition (check out our nutrition information)

Suggested Equipment for a home gym: Check out our featured articles on specific home gym kit and how to kit out a home gym, whatever the space you have in the home, from a one bedroom flat to a spacious house with garage.

  • Bench
  • Dumbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Exercise Ball
  • Suspension Cables
  • Barbell


The home gym doesn’t need to be expensive, you can always find second hand home gym kit online like the for sale wanted pages on Facebook, and even new kit can be picked up cheaper than you might think if you look in the right areas.

Sports Direct are great for getting Kettlebells and exercise mats, eBay is great for finding good value suspension cables and even Lidl & Aldi are great for finding great bargain’s on small kit like kettlebells, especially around the New Year.

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