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James has been involved in sports and fitness since he can remember. He has participated in many different sports, the main being Judo, where he trained and competed all over the UK and Europe. 
Using different training methods, James has helped many people achieve their fitness goals. He believes the key to fitness is to use a wide variety of different training disciplines to ensure your body is always being challenged. By thinking outside the box it gives you a more interesting and enjoyable exercise programme. “Personal Training is a two way process; I will input all of my motivational skills, fitness and nutritional knowledge and in return you must input the time and hard work. If you do, the results will come flooding your way” Being qualified to understand nutrition and weight management, James knows what a large part nutrition plays in achieving your goals. Food is the fuel that powers us, and just like a car, with the wrong fuel you won´t get to where you want to be. Now this doesn´t mean dieting, you need balanced and healthy eating habits.

James Pendleton – Personal Trainer – Telephone: 07900 573 743 –

James is fully insured and qualified as a level 3 personal trainer through the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS), below is a full list of qualifications James currently holds:

  •  Lvl 1  Sports Leader
  • Lvl 1  Skipping Coach
  • Lvl 2  Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
  • Lvl 2  Fitness Instructor
  • Lvl 2  Exercise to Music
  • Lvl 2  UKCC Judo Coach
  • Lvl 3  Advanced Apprenticeship in Active Leisure and Learning, Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Lvl 3  Advanced Instructing Gym
  • Lvl 3  Personal Trainer
  • Lvl 3  Client Lifestyle and Assessment
  • Lvl 3  Training in Different Environments
  • Lvl 3  Nutritional and Weight Management
  • Lvl 3  Business and Marketing for the Fitness Professional
  • Lvl 3  Understanding the Fitness, Leisure and Recreation Industry
  • Lvl 3  NVQ Instructing Physical Activity and Gym
  • Lvl 3  Exercise Referral Program Consultant
  • NRS  Pool Attendant
  • NRS  First aid at Work

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