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Mike Buss in training

So What is BODY COMBAT? 

BODY COMBAT is a non-contact, martial arts based fitness class, which pulls moves from Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing and many other martial arts.

Basically an aerobics based class using martial arts moves instead of dance moves.

Each class lasts for around 60mins and is fully choreogrphed to some of the best kick arse motivating music you will hear in a fitness class.  I qualified as a BODY COMBAT Instructor several years ago but only stopped teaching it when commitments got too much, but I have still carried on going to the classes at my local Health Club.

So What is Typical of a BODY COMBAT CLASS?

You work out to 10 tracks of kick arse music


Combat 1 – Visualising your opponent unleash into combinations

Power 1 – An aerobic training zone focusing on speed, power and endurance

Combat 2 – Fight for your life! Energy is pumped up for this track as you challenge your imaginary opponent to a re-match.

Power 2 – Its the half way mark, time for punching drills, working on upper body.

Combat 3 – Time to quickly recover with lower intensity before the final peak.

Muay Thai – Time to Explode again and kick arse with Muay Thai! Kick arse high tempo – Push yourself!

Power 3 – Time to go all out! with this complete upper body power blast workout!

Conditioning – Take to the floor and take off the workout with some strength training.

Cool-Down – Time to relax, ease down and stretch off.

Do you need to be fit? Best to go along to your local club and speak to the COMBAT Instructor.  As BODY COMBAT has evolved, the moves have got more technical to keep up with the demand of its followers, but definitly a class that you will enjoy and get fit in.

mikebuss Star Rating: 4/5

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