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This has to be the ultimate racing lightweight waterproof jacket and for the outdoor athlete, fell runner and ultra runner who needs quality light weight kit, you can’t beat the Kamleika Race Jacket from OMM, I tested Both the over head smock version, and the full zip option.  The fabric used is called Galanots which is an extremely light weight, soft and stretchy material which allows for a close fit to the body which reduces flapping fabric and noise.

The material is great for breathability which is of course great for running, the weight of the jacket is also only 300g and with a pack volume of only 0.9ltrs.  This jacket is truly an all-round athlete’s jacket, great for all outdoor sports.

Smock Version

Not surprising the quality when the company that designed it also organises the toughest Mountain Marathon in the UK, so you can be sure that this jacket will stand up to the tough rigors of racing in tough conditions.  I took the jacket to the Sahara for the Marathon des Sables as a wind shield jacket and to wear at night in the tented area, much against the advice from several ultra marathon friends that had already done the MdS, but I was out there to trial kit as well as to race and I have to say I’m glad I went against advice as the jacket was lighter than a micro fleece and provided better protection against the wind.

The mikebuss star rating: 5/5

By Mike Buss.

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  1. I like this web blog it’s a master piece! Glad I found this on google.

  2. James says:

    Hi Mike, nice little review. I am thinking of buying the Kamleika Race Jacket – But I am not sure whether it is worth the extra £20 over the OMM Smock. Is it essentially just the full length zip you are getting for this or other benefits?



    • mikebuss says:

      Hi James,

      I think for much of it, it comes down to personal preference, I have both and tested them in some very extreme wet storm weather and both have served me great!
      Personal Preference I like the smock, pull over the head, no full zip to mess about with and get on running.
      The full zip is just as water tight, no problems there with rain getting through zip like in some rival brand similar products.

      Id say the only diference is that the full zip is slightly less snug fit around the chest and waist area giving a looser fit. So if you like a looser fit then go for the jacket version or get a size bigger on the smock.

      I hope that helps, both jackets are awesome and Id recomend them to anyone!

      Mike Buss

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