BOOST Your Metabolic Rate With Exercise

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Metabolic Rate (MR) refers to the energy that is released by the body to power all the processes to keep us alive…  Fitness Training and playing sport has a significant positive effect, increasing your metabolic rate by as much as 20% with regular exercise.

Your metabolic isn’t just effected during exercise but even after exercise your metabolic keeps working high, burning calories for 2-3hrs and then for the following 48hrs continues to burn significantly higher than normal; this is called EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption).  EPOC results from a gradual slowing down of the bodies elevated metabolic rate, after activities such as exercise.

Your Metabolic Rate Comprises of:

TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) The energy the body burns   during the day (24hr period)
RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) 60-70% of your TDEE is   used to maintain RMR.  RMR includes all   unseen essential body functions such as the heart, lungs and brain.
TEF (Thermic Effect of Feeding) The Process of eating and digesting   food burns around 10% of your TDEE.


Here are 3 popular physical activities and how many calories they burn per minute. 




















(8min mile Pace)

12.5cals per min 13.1cals per min 13.6cals per min 14.2cals per min 14.8cals per min 15.4cals per min 16cals per min 16.5cals per min

Swimming (Easy)

7.6cals per min 7.9cals per min 8.3cals per min 8.7cals per min 9.1cals per min 9.5cals per min 9.9cals per min 10.2cals per min

Cycling (Easy)

5.9cals per min 6.2cals per min 6.5cals per min 6.8cals per min 7.1cals per min 7.4cals per min 7.7cals per min 8cals per min


Actual physical exertion such as training and playing sport, only accounts for about 10-15% of your TDEE.  Despite the low percentage, this can be very effective in terms of weight loss.  Regular training (3-4times per week) can increase your metabolic rate (therefore your calorie Burn).  The greater the workout intensity, the greater the post workout calorie burn.

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