Laser Clay Shooting

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Have a great fun time for all ages, using authentic de-activated 12-bore shotguns, addapted to Laser Shooting. 

A conventional clay launcher is used which can be adjusted to fire clays at different heights and angles. A minimum area of 30m x 10m is required to enable the clays to fly and land.


A maximum of 5 people can compete in each round but parties of up to 20 people can play the game. There are 10 clays fired in a round and players have 2 shots per clay. The most popular Laser Shooting session comprises of 3 rounds and each round is a different scoring game as follows:


Initial practice round



All 5 guns fire at 1 clay and 2 points are awarded for a successful hit with the first shot and 1 point is awarded for a hit with the second shot making a total of 3 points per clay and a maximum of 30 points for the round.

Round 2 – RAPID-FIRE

All 5 guns fire at the clay and the first player to hit the clay gets 5 points, the second 4 points etc. the maximum score for a player is 9 points for each clay and 90 points for the round. 


All 5 guns fire at the clay but only the fastest gun wins the points.

Scores can be calculated for each individual or as team scores. For more experienced shooters the clay can be fired from different angles to simulate “going away birds”, “crossing birds” and “over the top birds”.

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