MIKE BUSS Interview with Swindon Web (London Marathon 2010)

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London Marathon to Swindon

Mike Buss completes 106.2 miles in under 27 hours
Whilst most London marathon runners will be taking it easy after their 26.2 mile endurance run yesterday – there was one man in Swindon who decided to go that extra mile.
When Mike Buss completed the Virgin London Marathon this was not the finish for him – he decided to run another 80 miles!
The endurance athlete continued on for another 80 miles to Swindon to run 106.2 miles in 27 hours.
The finish line for the endurance challenge was at Kings Chrysler Garage, the Jeep retailer in Greenbridge, Swindon.
This was Mike’s 89th competitive marathon which is part of his £1 million for Help For Heroes.

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