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KEEP YOUR FAMILY ACTIVE & HYDRATED | Nestle Pure Life Spring Water

KEEP YOUR FAMILY ACTIVE AND HYDRATED… www.nestle-purelife.co.uk NESTLE PURE LIFE SUPPORT CHANGE FOR LIFE – ACTIVE FAMILIES ARE HAPPY ONES! 60 Active Minutes: Just 60mins of running, swimming, dancing or even playing thoughout the day will make family life healthier and more fun! UP AND ABOUT: Sitting in the car or on the bus uses […]

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MIKE BUSS Interview with Swindon Web (London Marathon 2010)

London Marathon to Swindon Mike Buss completes 106.2 miles in under 27 hours Whilst most London marathon runners will be taking it easy after their 26.2 mile endurance run yesterday – there was one man in Swindon who decided to go that extra mile. When Mike Buss completed the Virgin London Marathon this was not […]

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Eammon Martin | Last British Male to Win the London Marathon

I got the honour to meet this ledgend back in 2010 at the London Marathon Show, he was great to talk to and an inspiration to all distance runners. Eammon was the last British Male to win the London Marathon, Eammon ran 2hrs 10mins 50secs to win London in 1993. The race finished in a sprint […]

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Mikes Top Novice Marathon Training Tips

Adopt a holistic approach, it’s essential to look at your whole lifestyle when you are thinking about commencing a marathon training programme. Involve family and friends; there is a lot of training needed to complete a successful marathon, so involving family and friends into your new found obsession helps with any conflict of time consumed by your […]

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London Marathon Training Running into a Little Difficulty?

Last Sunday I went out with a personal training client of mine for a long run as part of their training for this year’s London Marathon.  It had been a good weeks training and we were looking to push for a personal best.  The previous Sunday they had to endure a serious stitch for a […]

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WR | Fastest Half Marathon on Road Carrying 120lbs Pack

Mike finally reached the Half Marathon Point of the London Marathon carrying his 120lbs Pack, but after struggling with an injury picked up on the course Mike had to bin the full marathon goal and settle for just the 10km, 10mile and half marathon world records. Mike completed the half marathon distance in a time […]

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