More British jihadis slip out of UK to fight for evil ISIS

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Jihadi John Part 2

Jihadi John Part 2

More British jihadis slip out of UK to fight for evil ISIS despite being on WATCHLISTS

It is difficult to understand how someone on the terror watch list can walk into an airport in the UK, with a British passport, walk through passport control where surely the passport check on the computer would flag up the person as someone who’s on the terrorist watch list and give to the person in question to be immediately arrested on the spot by armed police.

Siddhartha Dhar on the left with Anjem Choudary

Siddhartha Dhar on the left with Anjem Choudary

It’s obviously not the case, the terrorist watch list must be a bunch of names written on a scrap piece of paper that no one on the front line of our boarder control points don’t get to see. The fact another five British Muslims that are on the terror watchlist have recently just walked into a British airport and flown off to turkey or the Middle East with no issues is a very scary issue, if they can get out of the U.K., what’s to stop them and others coming into the UK to commit terror offences such as the recent Paris attacks and 7/7.

Two of the men, Simon Keeler and Trevor Brooks, are Muslim converts and were arrested in Hungary in November despite being under travel bans.

imageLabour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs select committee, slammed the cases as a “glaring security failure” and vowed to raise the issue with David Cameron.

The revelation comes after it was discovered that the “new Jihadi John” Siddhartha Dhar was able to elude police and escape the UK while being on bail for suspected terror offences.

It is about time with all this coming to light that we should stop accepting refugees coming into the UK from the Middle East until we fully overview our border security and can 100% state that terror watchlist individuals will be detected at our border control point and detained.

Sourced from report in the Daily Express.

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