Jihadi in Germany: What could possibly go wrong?

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imageWhether most Muslims are peaceable is irrelevant. The fact is that fanatics rule Islam now & act-out what the Qur’an truly says …maul, march, & murder every Infidel if they won’t convert!”
― Gary Patton

Being Islamist in Europe is nothing new. It is an old term for those radical Muslims who have always wanted more from Islam than it was allowed in that “dirty western world” they came in to live and to work. But, the term “Islamist” nowadays changed itself into more malign definition, due the high risk of terrorism linked with Islam and its militant elements. In its beginning, Islamist was a person, according to The Cambridge Dictionary, who strongly believes in Islam and that Islam must influence and shape the political system. Later,with the occurring of terrorism in the name of Islam, or lets say, with the militarization of the religion, by some structures, Islamist is an expression for a person who make extremism and terrorism, to enable the base for Islam to be practiced. That doesn’t mean that every Muslim is an Islamist but for sure it means that every Islamist is a Muslim.

imageThe whole west has Muslims, The whole west has Islamists. I like to think that those two are separated as they are, but on some level, they are deeply connected because the JIHAD is the same for all of them.Its only about the way of showing jihad culture and some of them chose their own ways. When these ways are peaceful, it is religious diversity.When it is opposite, we have opened space for terrorism and extremism.

Islamism in Germany is not young as ISIS-ISIL-DAESH but it is also not so old. Federal Criminal Office (BKA) came out with the devastating data that more than 43.000 Muslims in Germany could easily be considered as Islamists. Keeping in mind how many immigrants come to Germany every day, we can imagine the final statistic will be the worst. There is no such an authority in BR Deutschland which could comfort Germans and tell them that is only computer evidence, security protocol and that doesnt mean anything really dangerous.

Muslims in Germany for years back are turning into salafism as a crucial way of life in islam. The number of them who jump into salafist ideology is increased since 2014. It is about 7.900 of salafists who are currently located in Germany and who want islam to be worldwide ideology and political system. At least, that is what German security officer Hans-George Maassen believes and he also warns that this is the fastest growing movement around the world and that western politicians failed to understand this and to reply on this security challenge when it was born.

Salafism ideology want to bring back “old Islamic way of life” .The world SALAFI comes from Arabic language and it means ‘as-salaf as-saliheen’ which refers to the first three generations of Muslims (starting with the Companions of the Prophet Mohammed ). That way of life is idealized among Muslims and highly respected and desired. Salafists are following the Prophet Mohammed dressing code ( long white robes, long beards, head scarf…) and they are deeply conservative and their believes are fundamentalist. It is not surprising that the phrase Salafi-jihadism or jihadist salafism as a global movement which advocates violent jihad and return of the pure sunni Islam start being the main topic among awaking European conservative voices.

Whats happening in Germany? Some security experts say that there are two groups of salafists in Germany. One is a group of those German Muslims who practice salafism and do not want to use violent measures to spread it further. The another group is a group of radical salafists or salafi jihadists who believe in terrorism as a way of expressing Islam and fighting against kuffar (infidels) . Now, here are the following numbers: from 7.900 registered and monitored Islamists, about 740 of them went to Iraq and Syria to fight for so called Islamic State. 120 of them were killed there but 247 of them, according to Germany’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution ( BfV) returned to Germany. We must think about them. These people should have never been allowed to come back to Germany. First of all, not any fighter should has been allowed to leave Germany and to fight for Islamic State and to practice terrorism on the field. That was a big mistake of all western democracies, to allow to those radical Muslims to leave their current countries and to go and answer on the scary call for hunting and killing non-believers. Even bigger mistake is made when they were allowed to come back, like they were only nostalgic patriots on their way to visit their home lands and to enjoy their own world. They weren’t tourists, they were and they are still- TERRORISTS.And those terrorists are now here among us. Full of anger, inspired to recruit new young talents for killing. Some of them, make recruiting job like it is casting but some of them are reaching targets through the Internet. It is a fact that German security services shut down many of terrorist sites but they are coming all over again like mushrooms after rain. Denis Cuspert was a Berlin rapper, known as Deso Dogg, he joined to ISIS in 2012 in its early beginning and then started the famous “islamist in-land- cyber -campaign” in Germany to call Muslims over there to stand up for ISLAMIC STATE AND AGAINST INFIDELS.Some of the muslims dont speak Arabic but Deso Dogg used German language and reach them and enabled them to accept the mission goals. He was killed in 2014 but there are also others who can continue his “holy war”. Hassan Dabbagh is the next one, very extreme German Muslim with Syrian heritage. Dabbagh is head and Imam of the Al-Rahman-Mosque in Leipzig, where he makes his gatherings, seminars and teaches young Muslims that the world belongs to real Muslims and the infidels. We dont need a lot of imagination to conclude what are his lessons about and what he calls for. In the heart of Germany, he calls Muslims against non-believers.Ibrahim Abou-Nagie is German citizen, with Palestinian roots, also very well known as aggressive anti-infidel preacher and militant salafist. His web site “The true religion” reaches many young Muslims and inform them and distributes Qur’an to those who arent able to find it by themselves. He also analyzes the ” meaning of jihad” for not-informed and give them tips.

I am not referring that all mosques are jihadists factories but I want to warn that some of them are. I believe that German intelligence service monitor all of them but only one hour of non-attention and we have security black corner and failure of national security feeling.

German security background is very strong and professional but can easily lost battle with the immigrant crisis which make a real political earthquake in this country. Security professionals believe that newcomers bring not only broken dreams but opened soul for militant Islam and politicians arent so sure how they will gonna deal with the growing fear in Germans from Muslims.

I know this: we dont need to open the hell gate for xenophobe but we also dont need to be like the Alice in wonderland. The problem of Islamic terrorism is not anymore reserved for the Middle East region, it is our problem, it is in our yard now. The islamic terrorists arent anymore so far away, they are here, among us. They are like us.

Its not so late to wake up and start replying on security risks or we will sleep forever in our own nightmare.

May the force be with Germany, with all of us.


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