Pauline Quirk – Not So Light As A Feather Again…

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Irresponsible promoting of diets by celebrities.

Irresponsible promoting of diets by celebrities.

Back in 2011 I wrote an article about Pauline Quirk from Birds of a Feather, and her weight loss. I said then knowing about the diet she not only did to lose the weight but even became the face of the diet – Lighter Life, that she would pile it all back on again and that because she is a celebrity that being paid to be the face of a diet that doesn’t work was totally irresponsible!

In 2011 she lost 8stone from using Lighter Life becoming an inspiration because of her celebrity status to yo-yo dieters across the country. Lighter Life is an extreme low calorie diet replacing real food for milkshakes whilst charging outrageous amounts of money per month. The big problem with this, lowering your calorie intake to extreme levels like Pauline who survived on just 500 calories per day destroyed her metabolism so as soon as she came off the diet and ate healthy meals at healthy calorie levels (2000calories) she piled the weight back on.

Pauline Quirk is fat again - Diets Don't Wotk!

Pauline Quirk is fat again – Diets Don’t Wotk!

Meal replacement diets like this such as Herbalife and slim fast are irresponsibly advertised and sold by unqualified people as the get slim quick diet with permanent results.

Now she’s back to her blubber self just as I predicted. To lose weight you need to eat healthy, not diet and regularly exercise, yes it may take longer, but it is about lifestyle not quick fixes.

It’s about time celebrities stopped endorsing irresponsible dieting!

By Mike Buss.

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