RIFLES – Care For Casualties Charity

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RIFLES - Care for Casualties

RIFLES – Care for Casualties

What Kind Of Help Do We Provide?

the support varies depending on the need.  The needs range from counselling for depression of a close relative after the death of a Rifleman, driving lessons for the fiancées of a blinded soldier and a triple amputee, funding retraining courses for a soldier invalided out of the army to providing a stair lift for an elderly veteran.  The list is endless…

Since our formation in 2007, The Rifles have seen almost continuous action in Iraq and Afghanistan. This commitment has come at a cost. In 5 years we have seen over 60 Riflemen Killed in Action, around 30 have lost limbs, 2 Riflemen who have been fully blinded and 2 are in neurological units and will remain there for the rest of their lives. Our very seriously injured are aged between 18 and 26 and have many years of active life ahead of them. We have approximately 300 other soldiers with serious injuries and the psychological problems that we are warned of have yet to manifest themselves. Our Battalions continue to deploy to Afghanistan and the need for our help from their regimental family will continue for many years to come.



Riflemen have volunteered to risk their lives and limbs on behalf of others; we need to do all we can to support them and show our appreciation for their courage and sacrifice.

Care for Casualties is an appeal that gives the severely wounded, their families and the families of our fallen Riflemen the support, the inspiration and the means to rebuild their lives and make the best of their futures.

In the words of one supporter, “It’s not just the soldiers who serve, it’s their families too and we owe it to them to look after them all.”

Care for Casualties isn’t just about money, we also need offers of help in kind such as holidays, advice, jobs and training which can inspire self sufficiency and hope.


You can help our Riflemen by:
Donating Now –

Donate via the website – www.careforcasualties.org.uk

Send a cheque: Make it payable to: “The Rifles Regimental Trust (Care For Casualties)”. Download and complete a Gift Aid Form so we can recover the taxable element. Post all to:

Care for Casualties
RHQ The Rifles
Peninsula Barracks
Romsey Road
SO23 8TS

You can set up a standing order – Just go to www.careforcasualties.org.uk for details.


Organise your own challenge. e.g. a bike ride, a skydive or participate in an event, such as The London Marathon, and get sponsorship – Start Fundraising

Hold an Event. Become a Promoter – Find out more at: www.careforcasualties.org.uk


If you run a company and would like to explore how you can support the work of The Rifles Charities please contact us by e-mail at c4c@the-rifles.co.uk


Holidays, accommodation, work experience and training. If you or your organisation can offer facilities and opportunities which will help the rehabilitation of our wounded please Contact us: c4c@the-rifles.co.uk


If you have something of value be it an item, an experience, tickets, or something money can’t normally buy, we would love to hear from you. Contact: c4c@the-rifles.co.uk



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