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Apple Launching New Internal Fitness Challenge for Employees, Prize is a Unique Apple Watch Band

Starting in February, Apple will be hosting an internal company wide fitness challenge for all of its employees, with a prize that includes a unique fitness-themed Apple Watch band. The band appears to be similar to Apple’s Woven Nylon bands. It comes in a solid black color but has an accent loop in a dark […]

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BHF PocketCPR app | Review

Practice Hands-only CPR with our app for Android and iPhone. If you have an Android phone, head to the Android App Market to download it now. Or head to the iTunes App Store to download the app for your iPhone. This app was developed and kindly provided by Zoll. REVIEW: This really is a fantastic […]

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KIT REPORT | Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680 Headphones

Since leaving the army with a medical discharge for loss of hearing, I’ve hunted for headphones that I could wear without putting in my ears, so not to damage my hearing any further.  Headphones to put in my ears were a no go, hook around the ear headphones still sat in the ear and so […]

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App Fitness | February Review

With the event of the smart phone such as the iphone and Blackberry, the app world has opened up to the fitness world and with a vengeance, now you can find almost any type of app you can think of to do with fitness to help you get fit, many are like having a personal […]

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Fitness App Review | AROOKOO

Looking through the fitness apps on my iPhone, I came across this app and thought Id try it out for a bit of fun and to see if its an app that people could actually use to help get fit and active…  It is primarily a walking app but you could use it for running […]

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