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Khloe Kardashian plans plastic surgery after Tristan Thompson cheats

According to Heat Magazine, Khloe Kardashian is planning to go under the knife to have not only a boob job, but also liposuction and get higher cheekbones like Jordyn Woods, the woman Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe with.  This is yet another relationship scandal to hit Khloe. But this surely is setting not only a […]

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RUNNING out of power mid-journey is the top worry for prospective electric vehicle buyers – but most drivers could take a full week of normal trips without recharging. That’s according to research by DrivingElectric.com, the independent consumer advice website on electric vehicles. The surprise finding of the study into British driving habits shows most drivers […]

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My Tennis Journey – David Lloyd Swindon

My Tennis Journey – David Lloyd Swindon Last week after talking with David Lloyd PR Team, doing numerous fitness instructional and tennis videos and blogs, I started training at David Lloyd Swindon.  Now looking forward to being supported by David Lloyd and this new sponsorship. Not only will this be good for improving my fitness […]

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STRESS CAN KILL AND DOES… Stress is recognised by doctors as the key factor in many illnesses.  The Symptoms of stress are many and varied, from general aches and pains to more serious conditions.  Lack of concentration, depression, poor memory, sleeping difficulties, short temper and even skin conditions are other symptoms of stress. The ongoing […]

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Factfile On Stress by MIND

Life is stressful.  What matters is that you recognise when you are under so much stress that it may be harmful. About 80% of all modern diseases have their beginnings in stress. Most of the 12million adults who see their GPs each year about mental health problems have complaints related to stress. Over 45million working […]

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The Mental Illness Journey

The Mental Illness Journey “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” -Nido Qubein The aforementioned words could not be more true, and I feel they are very applicable to one suffering from a mental illness. Life is a journey, and all “now” is, is a starting point. […]

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Mental Illness and Medication Many people with mental illnesses choose to use a medication to ease their symptoms. Your doctor or therapist will help you to select the right medication for your illness and circumstances, if you decide to use a medication at all. In my experience, this is a process which can take a […]

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Supporting people away from self harming and self injuring behaviour and encouraging them towards self-empowerment. PASH@swindonmind supports individuals from the age of 16 years onwards A WARM WELCOME AND NON-JUDGEMENTAL Self Harm Information, Support & Advice P.A.S.H offers a wide range of information, advice and professional support in a safe and comfortable environment or by […]

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SUNS – Service Users Network Swindon

“Talking about your mental health in Swindon” Are you using mental health services? Would you like to talk about your care and make a difference to the way services are run? Do you need help or advice? Would you like to attend SUNS Voice Groups? Join now for FREE WHAT IS SUNS? SUNS is a […]

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FEELING STRESSED OR WORRIED? Dont know who to talk to? We are a free confidential listening line… We can offer a friendly ear and can signpost you to other services No matter what your problem we are there to listen If you have no credits you can txt us and we will call you back […]

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