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Honey & Orange Chicken with Chilli Vegetable Salad

Serves 2 Calories 399 Mikes Rating *** Total Fat 13% Preparation Time 10mins Saturated Fat 3.4% Cooking Time 45mins Carbohydrate 42g For the Chicken For the Chilli Vegetable Salad 4x 110g chicken thigh fillets, skinned 2x tsp curry powder 1x tsp corn flour 125ml orange juice 1x tbsp lemon juice 1x tbsp honey 2x tbsp […]

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Bread | Cereals | Potatoes

Despite what some people say and think, these starchy foods are not necessarily stodgy and unhealthy!  Quite the opposite, if cooked and served without added fat, they are perhaps the most filling and nourishing foods we can eat. Watch out for some breads which have butter added and best to go for wholegrain.  This also […]

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FRUIT & VEG | Aim for At Least 5 A-Day

Your mum was right when she told you to eat your greens when you were growing up…  She does forgot to mention about the reds, yellows and oranges. Variety is the spice of life they say, this applies to eating too…  Variety is important to get a good mixture of vitamins and minerals, eat as […]

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Organic Food | Introduction

Every time you go food shopping you’re faced with shelves and chillers of choice.  Organic food is just one of them.  With the UKs Organic market the 3rd largest in Europe (after Germany & Italy). But exactly what is organic food and is it really better for us? What is Organic Food? Organic food is […]

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