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You’ve read about it in the press, heard about it in the media about how much sodium is in salt and how harmful it can be for usif eaten in excess, but how do you know if you are consuming too much?

Heres how you can find out…

The following chart shows a number of common foods.  Tick off the ones that you eat in a typical day and then add up the points.  You will probably be shocked with the results.

Basic   Foods

Average Portions


Pizza (half) 130g 4
Bacon (2x rashers) 80g 8
Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle 300g 5
Lasangne (individual portion) 290g 6
Beef Curry (medium portion) 260g 6
2x Large Sausages 80g 4
Baked Beans 135g 4
Flavoured crisps (bag) 30g 2
French Fries (pre-salted) 110g 2
Burger in a bun 105g 2
Bread (2x slices) 72g 2
Hi-Bran Cereal (medium   portion) 35g 2
Cornflakes (medium portion) 30g 2
Biscuits (2x digestives) 30g 2
Shop bought sandwich 185g 4
Honey Roast Ham (2xSlices) 46g 2
Cheddar Cheese (matchbox size   chunk) 30g 2
Fruit Cake (1x slice) 60g 1

Now you’ve added up your total points of an average day, look at the next table and see how you scored.

Remember though, do you do any of the following:

  • Add salt to your meals at the table?
  • Add salt to your food when cooking?
0-4 Congratulations! You’re doing all the   right things
5-8 Maintain this level and you should have no problems
9-12 You’re on the verge of exceeding the   recommended level of salt (6g per day).    Think about changing your diet.
13-18 You’re exceeding acceptable maximum   limits and should reduce your intake.
19+ This is almost 3x the recommended   allowance RDA.  You could be risking   your health.

If you scored 9 or more, you should consider reducing your salt intake.


  • Switch to LoSalt which contains 66% less sodium than regular salts.  It is also high in potassium which the body needs.
  • Try using fresh herbs and spices to flavour your cooking.




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