The Hollywood Self Defence System That Has Arrived In Swindon

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The Hollywood Self Defence System That Has Arrived In Swindon

Defence Lab Swindon

Defence Lab, the real functional self defence system that has been designed for real life by Andy Norman has been has been made famous across the globe due to its huge success in Hollywood and has now arrived in Swindon.

The defence system designed by Andy Norman who got his big break as a fight consultant for Batman Begins has truly gone global, and not just due to its Hollywood success.  This defence system has been designed for real life, this is not a martial arts club where you join for gaining belts and look good on film, this defence system has been developed for real life and has now been bought to Swindon by Defence Lab Instructor & Martial Arts Expert Paul Shears.

So as someone who has been involved in martial arts for nearly 20yrs from Ju Jitsu to instructing Arrest & restraint in the army I decided to check Defence Lab Swindon out for myself.

It was obvious from the start that Paul is an extremely good instructor with a lot of experience, his instruction of breaking down even complex sequence of moves made it easy for even the beginner to proficiently copy the moves.

This defence system teaches you to be aware of your surroundings, knowing where danger can come from such as from behind you and not just in front and show you the skills to take on multiple attackers and get away safe.

If you want belts and to look good, then check out something like kickboxing, but if you want to learn how to defend yourself in the real world, then Defence Lab is for you!

Asking Paul about why he chose to instruct the Defence Lab System over more traditional martial arts, he answered “Well I started martial arts after I was confronted by a guy who pulled a knife at me and pressed it against my neck which raises a lot of questions about how much do I value my life. So I studied Kung Fu for years but it felt not practical enough. So I studied JKD which was founded by Bruce Lee and then studied Kali, then PFS progression fighting system founded by Paul Vunak, then ground fighting, a bit of Wing Chung, and finally Defence Lab. That attack changed my life forever really.”  Paul went on to say “my only question was would normal martial arts training be enough to deal with multiple people, how confident would I feel just using what I got. That is until i discovered Defence Lab that ticked the final box.”


Paul explained “The Defence Lab system trains you to protect yourself against multiple attackers, rarely do you get attacked by just one person on a night out these days, there can be 4, 5 attackers, normal martial arts training doesn’t train you for this.”

Paul is also launching kids self defence sessions in September, when talking with Paul about this he was very excited, he explained why “I was very badly bullied a lot through my teens till my adult life because I didn’t know how to communicate and very little confidence.”

Defence Lab is now recognised by the police in the UK and Europe, as they like how they can provide protection against the protest attacks.

For more details about Defence Lab and where to join in Swindon & Chippenham, check out their Facebook page and contact Paul:

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