TV Marathon World Record (Day4)

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Day 4 has been a good day, money starting to get more flowing into the tins, Ive had my tough moments through the day feeling very tired fighting to stay awake this morning.  but with Pizza from Dominos who are sponsoring my world record event here at the Swindon Designer Outlet Village and Caffee Mattia who are also sponsoring this challenge.

As I type this it is 01:45hrs on Friday 23rd March and I am now setting a new time to this world record every minute.  I went past the old world record at 01:37hrs, just a few minutes ago.  My aim is to continue through to 12noon on Saturday.

Movies watched tonight have been from the Sharpes Series starting with ‘Sharpes Rifle’ then ‘Sharpes Eagle’ and currently watching ‘Sharpes Company’.

Earlier today I continued to watch more of the origional cartoon series of Transformers and now only two disks away from finishing the complete series.  Guess Im going to have to put up with pixar movies for the final day.

Coming up to 2am now but feeling rather perky now – Im not actually feeling tired at all.  This challenge has definitly had its moments! Ive had times when Ive really not enjoyed this challenge, its been tough for reasons more than just sleep deprivation which has been tough at times especially around the 2am to 5am part of the day.

Its been boring sat still, the movies have been good but the length of time doing nothing has been really tough as Im always totally the opposite active, always running and training in the gym.  The most Ive walked was today walking round to MOSS Bros to collect my Tux during a quick 5min break today.

Ive had another radio interview with BBC Wiltshire and will have another one this morning at about 07:50hrs.  Where I will report Ive broken the world record.

Right back to Sharpe now so will touch base again tomorrow.



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