TV Marathon World Record (Day5)

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WORLD RECORD in the bag, after spending over 120hrs at the McArthurGlen Swindon Designer Outlet Village, I have finally completed my latest charity challenge and world record.

The record was for the Longest TV Marathon, the aim: to watch DVDs continuously for a mimimum of 86hrs 37mins held by an American who recently broke the world record last month.

My aim was always to hit 5days (120hrs) and so on Monday 19th March 2012 I sat down in front of a huge Panasonic 55inch TV and DVD Player to watch some of my favourite movies and try and stay awake for the whole 5days.

On Friday 23rd March at 2:37am I broke the world record set the previous month in the US and continued on to 12noon on Saturday 24th March.  Rules stated that I was allowed to take 5min breaks every hour but I just saw no need to take a break when Im only sat on a sofa anyway so after breaking the record on the Friday I had accumulated a large break so in the early hours of Saturday morning I decided that I could not go any longer without having a break so I took a break for a little over an hour and had a bit of a power nap.

Chatting to the GWRs they stated that in the rules whatever I do in the break is up to me and even if I felt I needed to sleep.  I didnt want to but knew that if I didnt have a power nap then I would end up colapsing anyway.  So in the 121hrs of my movie marathon, I believe Ive done about 118hrs of movie marathon watching which will in the next few weeks be officially confirmed by Guinness and then I will know the time they believe Ive broke the record by and what it now currently stands by with my name on it.

This record has been supported by numerous national and local businesses of which without their support this challenge would never of got off the ground.  The challenge was primarily filmed by my official filmcrew Infinite8 Productions.  A big thanks has to go out to McArthur Glen for letting me use the venue for the world record and also to The Energy Kitchen & Caffe Mattia for my food and drink all week and to Dominoes Pizza of West Swindon for my evening Pizza.

Thanks to all that provided the Raffle Prizes including STFC who provided the main prize of a signed home shirt, then the Works Outlet Book Store, Cadbury’s, and also to local Young Business Enterprize Students who donated some of their products from their businesses – they were OVERNITE & Potential EDGE.

Finally a big thanks goes to The John Lewis Home Outlet Store who provided the comfortable livingroom setting for my record attempt along with the huge Panasonic TV & Blueray Player.

The support from the public and the staff at the Designer Outlet has been amazing again and why I love coming back again and again, being made so welcome.

The smiles on the faces and the cups of teas from the girls at FIORELLI, the support from the girls at the Body Shop and the team at Works Book Store all based at the outlet were amazing.

Not sure howmuch has been rasied so far but last look online was about £50 and there was over £100 raised before I started so will post an update soon.


Big thanks to all of you!  See you soon at my next challenge.

Mike Buss

Beyond Impossible


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