Walter Mitty Hunter Club HQ – Vile social media troll, or positive and needed organisation?

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Walter Mitty Hunter Club HQ

Vlie social media troll, or positive and needed organisation?
A question I hope to answer by the end of this article, and at the same time keep some independent objectivity, as I myself over the past 18months been at the muzzle end of an attack from the group.
My first ever knowledge of this group came about in May 2014 when I was arrested for theft of money from Help for Heroes by fraudulent deception.  Although by November. 2015 in I proved my innocence in a court of law, I’ve still been open for attack from the group here and there.
Not only did this group rally an online campaign to attack me and claim I was guilty even before even charged, but also attacked my name and reputation and military service, by making claims that I had said I was ex-Parachute Regiment, ex-Royal Marine, ex-Special Forces and had served longer than I did, among many other claims.
Fact is I’ve no idea where they claim to get people’s military records, as I’m 100% positive it’s not from official MOD manning and records and have never given answer to my questioning their information gathering.
They question people’s claims to being genuine ex military which admittedly they get it write most of the time, though some of the claims made by members of the public are more than extraordinary! So it doesn’t take much to work out these people are fake, or as the group puts it ‘Walter Mittys or Cumpers’.
There is this thought of ‘Stolen Valour’ something that has been made law in the United States which makes it illegal to make claim you are in the military or a veteran, especially for personal gain…

Tim Poe - Americas Got Talent, an example of someone trying to personally gain from false military records

This was made very public through Americas Got Tallent when a National Guard Veteran claimed he was hit by an IED in Afghanistan which made America feel amazed and proud of Tim Poe With a standing ovation from not only the crowd but the judges too…  It was very shortly after this was all proven to be a lie and even his photo used on the TV show was not even of him, but a fellow Sgt.

Tim Poe Was thrown out of the competition and he made a public apology.
Does this excuse the way the Walter Mitty Hunting Group handle the onslaught and attack of these people that pretend to be veterans of the British Army?
The argument is that it’s insulting from a soldiers point of view that people pretend to be something they were not, but speaking as a veteran myself I couldn’t give a shit if someone wants to pretend in their little world that they were once in the army.

WMHCHQ and its members claim Ive said I was an ex-Para, off the back of this photo. which was actually taken of me whilst filming a TV drama. WMHCHQ never came to me asking.

My only thought that sways towards the thoughts of the group is when someone pretends to be a soldier/veteran for personal financial gain, especially if this means pocketing charity money that should go to forces charities, instead goes in their back pocket, these people should be put through the justice system and convicted.

This was the claim made by the police that I personally profited from fundraising for H4H, the facts and proof came out when I was in court that this was not what I had done and my own personal finances showed I never financially gained from pocketing charity donations and I fact lived off little more than an average of a few hundred pounds each month during my fundraising efforts.
But for me the damage is done, there is a ton of press reports that are all over the net and at top of Google search when you search my name.
I can’t fund raise publicly anymore, or that’s how I personally feel now.  If I set up a charity to support veterans which was my long term goal would I believe fail as soon as my name was associated with it.
So even though I am innocent of claims made from the group and that I proved in a court of law I stole no money, the group still maintain I was lucky to get off and that I’m still a Walt.
With  all this being said you couldn’t blame me to be 100% against such groups as WMHCHQ, I do understand the underlining core view of the group, my concern and view against the group is more about how they conduct themselves.
The group act like an online militia hate group, inciting abuse, harassment and even threats of violence and death, of which I’ve on countless occasions been on the receiving end indirectly through the group along with direct threats.
If the Walter Mitty group actually conducted themselves with professionalism I’d be more inclined to support their campaign, but they don’t…  I compare Walter Mitty to one of the main Paedophile hunter groups that has had much coverage in recent years on national TV.
The peadofile group follow a line of investigation before they post evidence to the Internet such as social media.
The line of investigation is as follows…
1. Allow themselves to be contacted by the potential Paedophile online, making them think it’s a child they are speaking to.
2. Next chat, to allow them to to incriminate themselves as a paedophile, recording all evidence.
3. Next meet them face to face, question them, film the meeting.
4. Gather all information and evidence and hand over to police.
5. Only after all this do they then go to social media and Internet to post all evidence found.
Now this I believe if Walter Mitty Hunting Club followed similar lines of investigation and conduct they would be looked upon much more as a trusted source.  And not an online bullying lynch mob. As it looks today.
There is no reason or excuse that the Walter Mitty group couldn’t follow similar standards and if they did then maybe government and general public would take their views more seriously just as in the United States and maybe then we would be able to pass law for a British version of the ‘Stolen Valour Act’
If Walter Mitty Hunting Club HQ set the following standards, they would help not only get their mission passed in law, but less people pretending to be ex military and reduce crime that potentially encompasses this.
1. Contact a suspected Walter Mitty via online social media, asking them to give proof to their claims. (Was never contacted by the group)
2. Next chat further, to allow them to to incriminate themselves as a Walter Mitty, recording all evidence. (No one from the group admin contacted me to chat and try and force proof of their claims out of me).
3. Next meet them face to face, question them, film the meeting. (No one from the group has ever confronted me face to face and certainly not gained video evidence etc of me telling them anything that was untrue about my military career).
4. Gather all information and evidence and hand over to police evidence reference of cases connected with fraud or any other crime that might have been committed.
Gather real evidence, Military Number, Unit claimed to be served (this does not include rumour, guess work etc). A news article isn’t necessarily evidence, news is never 100% correct, especially in the press.
5. Only after all this do they then go to social media and Internet to post all evidence found.
The other comment and view point I would finish on is the legitimacy of these groups…  The paedophile hunting groups are very happy to show their faces and give their names.  This gives transparency to the groups.
WMHCHQ in particular do not show who is behind the group, I’m sure all of the admin behind the group are ex or serving military, but who are they? If they want to be taken seriously and are 100% happy with how they conduct themselves and are 100% sure they would get away with accusations of criminal activity such as inciting hate and violence and are not scared of being sued by people they attack with false claims then there should be no reason for them to hide behind a keyboard and introduce themselves.
Is the group needed? I would say yes
Does the group over step the line legally? Yes
Should there be a British version of ‘Stolen Valour’? Yes
Finally on the subject of legitimacy, there is more than one of these groups on Facebook, with two main groups…
They are…
The Walter Mitty Hunters Club UK
Walter Mitty Hunt Community
Both these groups call each other out as Walter Mitty’s themselves! Beating their chests at each other claiming each other as fake and a joke. How can someone follow any of these groups if both claim each other is a Walter Mitty themselves, again none show any real proof of their comments about each other.
I believe I’ve tried to stay objections and not attacked the group, even though I have good reason too, along with plenty of evidence to take the admin behind the group to court for slander & libel, as I would if I was able to gain the identity of the admin behind the group. But I’m sure the group will jump on this and start attacking me yet again by beating their chests.
I have personally never financial gained from charity fundraising, and certainly never lived a lavish lifestyle, claimed by some.
I have put my body through extreme physical pain in challenges I’ve done to raise money for Help for Heroes.
I’ve raised in excess of £100,000 directly and indirectly for Help for Heroes – I’d like to see what members of WMHCHQ have done that comes close to that kind of fundraising.
i have never needed to embellish my military career when my fitness exploits by far exceed what I achieved in the army such as running the Marathon des Sables, the Arctic 6633, and the multiple world endurance records I’ve completed including running the greatest distance on a treadmill in 7 days (516.25miles) – with that kind of record, I don’t need to falsely claim anything.
So I will leave this article here with the expected onslaught of abuse even though I’ve not used this opportunity to attack the group.
Mike Buss.

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  1. Cliff Purvis says:

    And the bombing

  2. Truth says:


    You’ve never deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq. You were nowhere near the bomb – you lied. You wore para wings to create a false identity- you lied. You are a serial liar, a crap speller and a fantasist. Get real and stop trying to con civvies on the back of your lies. Pathetic,

    • mikebuss says:

      You are correct I have never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about about Middle Eastern history, religious history and western involvement in the area and all that surrounds the subject matter.

      I was however close by when the bomb went off in Lisburn Bks HQNI, so if you know different and you were standing next to me at that very moment, I suggest you haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

      I am guessing that you have read the blog, and seen the photo that was taken of me in military clothing, wings and holding an SA80. If so you will see the attached comment about the photo that show that the photo was taken of me whilst filming a TV Drama.

      So my suggestion is don’t listen to and read bullshit gossip and go back to playing with your dolls.
      Night Night X

      • mikebuss says:

        Please see my reply to alex123 so I don’t have to repeat myself, now you can also go back to playing with your dolls X

  3. Mick Boulden says:

    May I ask what the TV Drama was that the photo of you wearing Para Wings was taken for.

  4. Jacobin says:

    Can you tell us what show you were wearing the fake wings for? People assume you’re a liar because you haven’t provided a shred of proof that you were on a TV drama.

    • mikebuss says:

      The particular photo in question, was for a low budget film club production, the wings aren’t fake they are real, as I said I never said I was ex-para, I have far too much intelligence.
      We could say why Paras are so obsessed with Pegasus Bridge when it was actually the Ox & Bucks.

      I have read lots of comments on the Walt page claiming I’ve lied about lots of photos, such as being a credited actor on BBC Drama, Dunkirk, The Walt page claimed I lied that I was in the drama, even though I have numerous photos of me in my traitor, and on set and in WW2 uniform, but because my name isn’t mentioned on the BBC Dunkirk Wikipedia page I must be lying!
      I’ve been in Spooks again playing a para, the Bill, a number of movies, and other to shows and adverts, I’m sure if I dug out my payment advice slips for them all I could give you a full run down. Oh and I was in Dr. Who as an engineer, so I must be an engineering Walt because I was wearing overalls!
      You lot really need to get a life…

      Again I call out the admin of Walter Mitty Hunters Club to make public who you are and show your identities so we can chat further about this in a civil court out in the open for everyone to see. I’d love to see all the concrete evidence you have against me so I can prove you wrong on every count.

      But I’m sure you will all stay Hiden behind your Facebook page because if we went to court you know you would be the ones financially fucked! Ball is in your court… I’m not playing your little Facebook games, I want you and I in a public court. I’m ready when you are!

      • Jon harrison says:

        Mike, your not listed on the TV credit lists, or on IMBD, which is the go to guide for films and actors, even the smallest of roles are recorded also you are not listed within the records of the British Film and Television Actors Guild, which you would need to be registered on

        • mikebuss says:

          WTF shit are you talking about??? I like many people in London where I lived at the time were signed up to various extras agencies, where majority jobs were walk on parts but occasionally you might be lucky to get a talking part all be it a small part. I had this in the Bill and in Dunkirk. It was a very small part but I did it for the fun and of course 2weeks in France and nearly £2000.
          There are plenty of photos of me filming on set of Dunkirk on my Facebook page.
          I’ve still got the original invite card to all the actors of Dunkirk to watch the premier at BAFTA
          my part was subsiquently shortened as my lines involved too much swearing for the time it went on BBC, also the gore of my death scene I believe was too much for before the water shed.
          I’ve just check the IMBD website and half the guys that had larger parts than me don’t seem to be mentioned on the website.

          Finally WTF are you on about actors guild you moron, I wasn’t an actor, I was signed to an extras agency and got a lucky part.
          Get Dunkirk on DVD or whatever watch it and you will see I was in it. Believe me don’t believe I couldn’t give a fuck.

          • Cliff says:

            You needed an Equity Card to do talking parts as extra.

          • mikebuss says:

            Again proof of the bullshit that you and WMHCUK churn out stating as fact! But shows you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about! I spent 3yrs doing extra work for TV and film. And never at any stage had or needed an Equity Card. So go blow your nose and get the shit out of your brains!

        • CharlieBravo says:

          Mike is in the BBC Dunkirk docudrama:
          Episode 1, clearly seen the barn just prior to the prisoner execution scene.

      • Tim Wade says:


        The WMHCHQ page is run by a fat useless ex 2 Para troll called Mark Adams who also Walts as Chris Penhaligon to sell his book “One Blood”. Appears he also Walts as MI5:

        He is helped by another online troll ex Para Keith Robertson who also runs the Para’s v Marines banter page. Keith is the plastic photoshop wind up merchent with the photoshop skills so crap he needs to use my images on their facebook page.

        Have fun!

      • Tim Wade says:

        Feel free to mention these links to your lawyer, or any investigating copper – harassment and online bullying are both criminal offences btw, so the coppers have no choice on investigating if you insist they do:

        Any coppers or lawyers are welcome to contact me via my website , and I’ll breif them up on my 5 years harassment by that lying scum bullying page.

        Like you say, fat bullying keyboard warriors that would get flattened in real life. Obviously jealous at yours and my success mate! Fuck ’em! Even their own members are now not believing them – a lot of their outings lack any credibility and in 5 years they’re still to produce any proof of their Jackanory Rwanda email to some ficticious bird ever existed at all. Funny how can produce screendumps (they’ve even been caught registering accounts in the names they want to out with stolen profile pics etc in manufacturing screendumps) for other outings yet can off no proff in 5 years of my conversations that never ever happened.

      • CharlieBravo says:

        Mike is in the BBC Dunkirk docudrama:
        Episode 1, clearly seen the barn just prior to the prisoner execution scene.

  5. Mike bussss says:

    Dear Mike I think your angry you was court pardon the pun,you tried to BS the USA with your bull you and me no the same amount about the Middle East ,but I do not go as far as you ,your just mad you was caught out and it stopped your flow of cash .lets say you collected 1,000 pound a week you may bank 200 pound and pocket the rest ,you was leading a good life style doing all this stuff your just gutted that the rug was pulled,you lost face big style your pride was hurt big time hahahahahaha Hahahah you Walt any reply would be nice
    Mike busssss

    • mikebuss says:

      So can I confirm that you are stating I took Help for Heroes money instead of giving it to them??? Just wondering because we call that libel/slander.
      What am I angry about? I’m a grey I’ve lost 2yrs of my life from false allegations, of which when I had my time in the Crown Court I proved my innocence. Infact you can check the public court records and see Help for Heroes own evidence given under oath in court… They stated that they made a mistake and accounting error and said under oath that I owed them nothing! So there you go there’s my reply.

  6. Mike bussss says:

    Strange how you feel the need to moderate all questions put to you if you had nothing to hide. Why moderate or is the pressure to much your lavish life style is over we both no it all these endurance races do not pay for them selfs jog on Mike

    • mikebuss says:

      You know my name how about you tell me yours and stop hiding behind your keyboard! I’d like to know what you think I’m moderating, I’ve not deleted any question posted to me.
      You claim I had a lavish life style, I’d love to know when that was as I missed it. They only thing lavish about my life during my professional running days was my JEEP, and I had that on FREE loan to me as a sponsorship! I’ve never cared for lavish life styles, money doesn’t motivate me. Never has.
      Your right about races costing money, but just as well most I entered I got in for FREE in return for publicity for them, I never even paid for my London marathon place, all free!
      What races I did have to pay for I paid from money earns as a sponsored athlete.
      But thanks for stopping by, enjoy my website nite nite.

  7. Mikebussssss says:

    i would like to see you take any one to court for slander in the uk ,you would need solid evidence to prove this ?a few comments on a website means Jack ,
    So back to my original question how could any court prove how much you collected ? It’s your word against there’s
    So run along Mike you still seem angry your game is up leave these comments up any potential employer can see this it’s no my reputation that’s in taters ,who would want you on the team a liar and cheat see you in court it does not scare me I no the law proving slander could run into 1,00s which you say you do not have get your facts right before you post utter rubbish I do not have to defend my self you will for the rest of your life am done .

    • mikebuss says:

      Let’s see the only reason for me not taking civil action currently is that the admin cowards behind Walter Mitty Hunter Club UK Facebook page refuse to step forward publicly and give up their identities so I can then go down the lines of taking them to court for slander/libel.
      But I know they will continue to hide behind their Facebook page… They are happy posting shit on their Facebook page as they think it makes great reading, well so do Winnie the Poo. Doesn’t make Winnie the Poo more real.
      They want publicity, then I’m offering it on a plate, give your identities up and we can have it out in a public civil court.

      • Jon harrison says:

        Mike many moons ago I offered to meet you on behalf of WMHCHQ, although I am not admin or have anything to do with investigations or the internal workings of the group I am just an ex forces person who lives reading about jokers like yourself, any way I offered to meet you so you could prove to me your wings were legit and also about your forces history which you had all docs to including inflation about you being blown up or at least near enough to the blast to warrant some injuries………for all you bravado, you never contacted me again to arrange the meet……so we are only left with the conclusion you are a blatant liar, and a fully paid up WALTER MITTY

        • mikebuss says:

          Again who the fuck are you? I’ve never heard of you, I’ve never had someone from WMHCHQ contact me by phone, email or via social media. So keep your bullshit comments to yourself.

          Again I’d love to speak face to face with the Admins of the group, all they have to do is come out of hiding, make public who they are so we can settle this in court, it’s that simple. But I’m wasting my breath as I know the cowards won’t give up their identity because if they were taken to court they know they would loose

          • Jon Harrison says:

            Sorry just saw your reply from 3 years ago
            I’m not surprised you haven’t heard from me I’m no one
            Who am I
            I served 6 years RAF REGT
            I then Pvrd after Op Gandby due to the love a woman ….same old story I know but what can u do
            But then in late 91 I felt the urge to go to Croatia and try and help out if I could
            I hoped I had something to offer and looks like I did as I spent 6 years I. Hrvatska Vojska
            I earned several medals for stupidity and in fact I did a such a good job I was given as a act of huge appreciation a Croatian domovnica which is citizenship
            I left with the rank of Satnik or Captain
            Came back to the UK and went back home to Hereford, yep grew up there wen to school there apart from secondary school I went to a school 7miles outside the city, Kingstone High School

            Anyway 16 months later Kosovo kicked off big time
            And again I left and joined UCK ( KLA to you)
            I was a instructor for a unit within the brigade
            Look online Google my name
            Jon Harrison, Kosovo
            You will page after page about me I have nothing to hide no need to I’m proud of all I have done
            There’s interviews, pics of me meeting PM’s and President even recieveing the Gold Medal of Freedom Fighter of Adem Jashari. A very high medal apparently lol

            Yes now I’m a big fat man damn that must have something to do with the steroids given to me to help fight the 3 cancers I have had in the last 9 years

            But I still am willing to meet you and see any proof for defifinaly ending all this
            Yes I am a follower of the WMHHQ because I find it fascinating

            I am nothing to do with their admin i don’t even know who they are or how they find their information I don’t even think I have even commented on many outings
            I will happily sign a affidavit to this effect
            Before any meeting would take place
            So over to you
            I see this as putting it all to bed I have shown you my hand given yo7 all the information to check me out

            I will even supply my service number if you wish
            As I said I have nothing to hide

            PS you do need a equity card to even be a extra unless under section 14 of equity rules that being, that saying if you are in a area in which you live or are resident in for any length of time and you may be asked by the production crew if you wish to be a “walk by “extra or a walking extra then. No equity card is required as long as no direct photography of your facial features and no name appears in any final production listing and also that no money exchanges hands for this time spent on set

  8. paul johnson says:

    Hasnt Mr Harrison above basically contacted you then , maybe his offer is still on the table …..

    Take him up on it and prove you are right …dare to dream buddy


    • mikebuss says:

      No one has ever contacted me and after nearly 2yrs of this shit I am no longer entertaining any more online social media bullshit!
      I have publicly called out all admin members of this so called hunting group to meet me in a public court of law to show all evidence of their so called claims such as having my full military record etc and that is where I stand now!

      It’s time for WMHCHQ to put up or shut up! Stop hiding their identities and meet me in a public court!

  9. Nik Hammond says:

    It’s a balanced article. Taking what you have said at face value (because there are no links to sources) then I can understand why you are aggrieved.

    Again, taking things at face value, in your opinion why do you think you are under this continuous attack by wmhc?

    • mikebuss says:

      I started breaking world records way back in early 2000s and was in public eye right from start in many national news papers, fitness magazines and on TV. Over all these years never have I been contacted by this group or questioned about anything from this group…
      Yet as soon as I’m arrested under a false alligation from someone who still refuses to come forward to admit it was them, and I’m accused of stealing thousands of £s from Help for Heroes this so called hunting group jumps on the band wagon to drum up publicity for them selves.

      And now I’ve proven my innocence in a court of law, they still can’t take the fact I did not steal any money and continue to say I did

      • Nik Hammond says:

        Innocent is innocent. There is no other way to put it.

        In years past (and now actually come to think of it) I have served on many committees. In that capacity, the committees have been responsible for other peoples money. I have always tried to distance myself from any kind of handling of the money unless I absolutely have to.

        On one occasion I was accused of taking £1000 out of the league. The reality is that I had £1000 returned to me that I had loaned the league some time before.

        It stung a great deal and there is nothing you can actually do about it. I heard it repeated once and, being an ex soldier used to employing violence as a method of conflict resolution, I might have conducted a severe “interview without coffee” in a very public manner. This put an end to it as it was then that that was discussed when discussing the matter rather than people making false allegation without facts bsed on hearsay.

        In that respect, facebook is awful for the spreading of lies and rumour.

        If you consider you have been wronged then be robust in your defence of that.

        Again, I am taking what you have said at face value and it is not overly important to me one way or the other as to which “side” in this matter has the merit of the moral high ground.

        Good luck in your career and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

        By the way, on the matter of stolen valour. I started a petition some time back and therefore below is the link to that.


        A petition has been created asking the UK Government to discuss passing a law, which makes it illegal to impersonate a soldier or veteran.

        This law is common in many countries, including the USA.

        Impersonating soldiers/veterans causes concern for soldiers and veterans in several significant ways:

        1. It distresses veterans to see civilians and/or “walts” wearing badges and medals they have not earned – in other countries, for example the USA, this is known as “stolen valour”.
        2. Some badges, awards and medals were indeed very hard earned (for example special forces, parachute, commando, campaign medals, etc). If a lesser individual purports to be a member of an elite group, it can cause confusion in the mind of unknowing civilians (for example) of the type of person in such units.
        3. At this time of year (around Remembrance Sunday) there is a concern that monies donated unknowing and unwittingly to persons wearing awards and badges they are not entitled to will not get tot he right places.
        4. Persons behaving in this way have been known to have genuine mental health issues. Creating an offence highlights the problem and could lead to fantasists like this receiving care where it is needed.

        This petition has now gone live. Getting to 10,000 names means we will get a reply from the Government, getting 100,000 names means it will be considered for debate in parliament:

        Please consider signing the petition and then sharing this post and passing the word.

        • mikebuss says:

          Actually have someone with a brain commenting, pointing out how mistakes can wrongly tarnish someone’s name when handling charitable/trust money. It’s enough for anyone to decide not to fundraise being in fear of someone with dishonest alteria motives to discredit them.
          I have been vindicated on the back of a false alligation that I proved my innocence to in a court of law! The internet trolls don’t like this and fuel more bullshit and rumour with more moronic comments based on zero fact and knowledge such as recently someone stating I could never have been an extra on various TV shows because I never had an Equity Card even though there is plenty of evidence of me in a multitude of TV and film.
          This just makes the comments from these morons look even more desperate.

          I feel that the Stolen Valour act should be made law in the UK as this would deter people pretending to be veterans in order to make money for their own pock. And in turn help defend people like myself who have been subject to such false allegations on social media.

          I fully support the mission to make Stolen Valour law in the UK.

          • Nik Hammond says:

            In that respect the act would help you as it would allow you, again, to have your day in court.

            For the third time I will state I have an open mind as to the right and wrong in the accusations made. I simply felt it was appropriate to reply to your reasonable post in a reasonable way also.

            Flinging abuse and accusations does not help either case.

            I am not motivated to take the matter further so will leave everyone to it!

  10. paul h says:

    to mikebuss and the admin it makes me feel very sad that this has gone on this long i am ex wo army and am proud to have served although not liking walts i can live my life with them existing
    heres what i think admin please reveal yourselves and be held to the same scrutiny as all others it will be only then you will gain the credibility you seem to crave, you guys seem obsessed with any challenges made
    just saying !!!:) merry xmas guys

    • mikebuss says:

      Totally agree Paul, it’s about time that the WMHCHQ admin came forward with all the identities of their admin on their Facebook page! And to be held to the same scrutiny…
      How do we know the admins are genuine especially when the most followed Walter Mitty groups on Facebook are constantly at each other accusing each other of being Walts them selves?
      If WMHCHQ really want to be taken seriously and with credibility then they should show their faces and be happy to stand in court where the whole public can see if evidence they say they have is legally and credibly reliable.
      The group rant about loving the public limelight but refuse to come right into the public domain and stand in a court when challenged!

  11. Rebecca says:

    I’m I missing something here with all this talk of court action. Nothing people are doing is illegal at the moment. But what I think that website is stating is it’s morally wrong of you to state you served 10years and ended up with the Army physical training corps when really you served 5years and 77days as stated in court and worked in a camp gym and you were injured on patrol when involved in a bomb blast (that is from your own mouth)? And there are Royal green jackets who where in Northern Ireland the same time as you and they are stating you were not there but With you staying this it hurts people who were actually involved. I will understand if you don’t post this to your site as its a bit revealing. But if you answered why you stated a load of false statements on your website and to people who used your gym maybe people would be on your side but by getting aggressive and banding empty court threats around you just scream guilty as accused.

    Many regards


    • mikebuss says:

      Lol Rebecca… At what point have I said anyone has broken the law? I am wanting to take civil action against the admin of WMHCHQ, for slander/libel. If they are brave enough to stand convicted behind any evidence they think they have to prove me wrong then they I’m sure will be happy to publicly come forward and show identities of the admin behind the group.
      But I’m sure they will continue to hide behind their little Facebook club and will be afraid of walking into court.
      As for 5yrs 77day that will be my regular army service, but then you will need to add to that my TA service, Wessex Regiment, London Regiment, Royal Glocs Hussars.and you will come up with just shy of 10yrs.
      I’ve not said I was in the PT Corps – I said I was an army physical training instructor. However I had aspirations to join PT Corps if I had no been medically discharged.
      Oh and you don’t get a war pension for no reason. Work it out.
      So Rebecca as you can see I’m not afraid of allowing your pitiful post to my website 🙂 and you will find that I have far more supporters than your little Walt club.
      Merry Christmas 🙂

  12. Rebecca says:

    Once again very vague on your bomb claims yet you have several claims through your media attention you seem to adore, you can get a army pension if discharged for medical reasons ie bad range drills not wearing your ear defenders when using ammunition. And three TA units in 4ish years seems like not much soldiering as you need time to get competent in role or moving a bad penny and you may want to check your timings as your age doesn’t allow for dates. And the guys at glous TA unit have stated you applied but weren’t successful. You also seem to forget what is listed in YOUR website, you have claims of mountain leader qualifications and physical training corps on YOUR website and what about the claims from your own mouth and social media of doing SF work and I have personal experience of your claims and my friends also have the same claims from YOU when selling your gym to us. Once again I feel you’ll probably skit around the questions or more than likely selectively post again. I look forward to hearing your weak excuses or more than likely won’t as you won’t post.
    Many regards

  13. A Coy 2RGJ (we know) says:

    @Rebecca he wont post our comments either, because we know the truth.

    He has sullied our reputation, and all we want is a candid apology, for dragging the regiments name into his egotistical world. Look at Roy on Dragons Den, apart from wearing his regimental tie, he did not need to embellish or even mention the regiment in order for him to gain respect and credibility/ Leaf out of his book would not go amiss.

    Your behavior is not that of a chosen man.

    • mikebuss says:

      Let’s see, I’ve broken over 40 World Endurance Records, Completed some of the toughest fort races on the planet such as Marathon des Sables, ran virtually non-stop for 7 days on a treadmill smashing the record at the time with 517.25miles, I’m an award winning personal trainer, I could keep on going, I don’t need to make things up so like I have repeatedly said…
      I’m more than happy to walk into a court with the Walt admin people (if they are brave enough) and publicly do this, believe me I will win.

  14. Colin says:

    So you ran a few races I bake cakes doesn’t make me mary berry.. I noticed you were involved with veterans in action a few years back there was no mention of mountain leader qauls ar that time.If you were so in to HFH why did you look to VIA for help with PTSD. You also mention you were in the London Reg what year was that and your role?

    • mikebuss says:

      I did more than run a few races, I ran some of the toughest foot races on the planet! And broke over 40 world endurance records.
      I was approached by the VIA Charity after it’s founder followed me on Facebook and invited me to help fund raise for the which I did on a few occasions outside football stadiums on organised fundraising days.
      I left the army after 9/11 so H4H under its old remit would not be a charity that would ever help me.
      As for being a mountain leader – what does that have to do with VIA? I qualified as a mountain leader years ago… And with that have lead expeditions all over the globe including Botswana & Zambia, I’ve been a Duke of Edinburgh youth group leader in schools and local authority’s running Bronze Silver and Gold Expeds. I would never have been able to do that without being a mountain leader.
      As for the London Regiment, I was at Putney Bridge under the Green Jacket cap badge and the unit was a mortar Plt.

  15. john says:

    i look after a chap who is very ill and this group have gone on the attack with him i have found out they have hacked his facebook and stole his photos and just real nasty people i dont know how they can do this to a vulnerable person i have made contact with google and there website owner i have found out the admin owners are

    a Martin Andrew Hall and a Tim Wade

    all seem to be trollers look them up

  16. Dave says:

    Their website is ran from Chigwell…

  17. Dave says:

    Look on the Walter nitty bullshit page a alife usher runs the page and a full confess on the BBC one show now back tracking saying he don’t run the page I think a lot of summons are going his way I am seeking advice he needs a bit of jail time for his lies

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