GAZZA hits the news yet again for all the wrong reasons!

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Gazza now at 48yrs old - Looking 60yrs old

The footie legend Paul Gascoigne was rushed to hospital yet again, this time after being found in a pool of his own blood, inebriated from alcohol at the Champneys Spa.  Only GAZZA could go to a healthy spa retreat to get pissed to the point of being hospitalised.

The former football legend could have been the best football player that ever lived, a fact stated by many football stars, and experts over the years, but he let his life and career go down the toilet with booze.

Gascoigne is even being given rations of booze — to protect him from killing himself from drinking!
What made this legend with everything to live for go down this path? Now 48yrs old and looking like he’s 60, had it all, money, career, celeb status, nice cars and a great wife and family and he traded it all in for booze and it wasn’t because his career was ending, he was on this road at the top of his game, on his way to going down in history as the greatest football player that ever lived! Instead he will now go down in history as the greatest player that never was.

Gazza at the top of his game for England

Political correctness tells us to be sympathetic and sorry for him, but why should we? He had it all, more than most of us will ever have in our life times, but he pissed it away, and in my mind that is insulting to anyone who aspires to be successful and for reasons outside their hands don’t make it.

At this rate he will be dead in 5yrs time laying in his own alcohol soaked vomit alone in some hotel, and I for one couldn’t care less, why should we? It’s not our fault, it’s not society’s fault, no one forced him to drink…  He had a life most just dream for.  There are people, that pull through huge dramas in their life, from cancer, loss of job, death in family, born into a world of poverty but even against all these odds we see people standing up against the world and saying you won’t defeat me!
A great example is the Williams sisters, born in the heart of the Bronx into some of the worst poverty in the States, yet they fight with positive action to become two of the best and most successful tennis players of all time! As kids and then as young women they could have given in, accepted their place in life, blamed it on the world and drunk themselves into a drunken stuper but they didn’t and now they are roll models for the worlds youth!
GAZZA can’t even blame it on his environment, or the people around him, he was one of the English football stars of his day playing alongside other legends like Gary Lineker and look where Lineker is today, both played for England together, both moved in same circles of people, but one became a drunken waste of space and the other went on past his playing days to become a TV football presenter and a great role model for other aspiring kids wanting to play football.
It’s not sad, it’s actually disappointing and insulting the way GAZZA has ended up.
By Mike Buss.

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