Sharia Law In The USA – Rising In The Shadow Of Failed Multiculturalism

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In the last few months, there has been a lot of information and misinformation about possible Islamic Law in the U.S.

First of all, political games of this type started in EU, where many Muslims have tried to push their own laws into the system under they have lived for years. Therefore, united Muslims from Germany, France, United Kingdom, Holland and other EU countries, wanted to turn their cultural and religious rights into the political.

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They asked to build mosques; they requested to wear their most radical dress in the public places. They have just planned to achieve political rights within the social, cultural and religious freedoms which were given to them by default.  EU has woken up and has refused to accept that newborn Islam in the heart of Europe.

No one wants to see how Islam is becoming stronger at the same time when Christianity is endangered by so many scandals among clerical people. Besides that, the following facts do not support Christianity as well. Regarding to some research, about 10,000 Europeans and about 20,000 Americans convert into Islam each year. What does it mean? It means that Islam is the fastest-growing religion worldwide.

In EU it is especially a problem with British people. About 100 people daily in UK convert into Islam. Many of them are inspired by some idealistic vision of Islam, some of them do not know anything about Islam and plenty of them do it just because they found their soul mates.

However, Islam is spreading and Christianity is losing its positions. What is the main cause of that? People leave Christian religion because they want some changes; they want to be the part of some strong group with strong moral identity. Islam has a good advertising for it. It makes them following its rules and belief only because the Christianity is so weak and broke by so many incidents and scandals which have happened in last 10 years.

The problem is that Europeans do not see Muslims as full members of their society but they do not accuse those who convert into Islam. They understand them. Is that freedom of choice? Maybe that freedom tomorrow will endanger someone’s security at all. I would rather say that this sort of European multiculturalism is hypocritical.

What does it mean? Europeans do not accept Islamic Identity in EU but they let so many people free choose Islam as their new religion. Why do they not teach their people about Islam? Why do they not educate the population of good and bad sides of Islam? Maybe Christianity is weak but we should empower it somehow.

Firstly, we should empower the institution of Christian belief. We should take Christian values back to the society and show that they are still upgraded in our social and political system. They are not forgotten.

I believe that EU lost the primal idea of multiculturalism. Now it looks like we are talking about something which was once multiculturalism. I would call it rather multicultural anarchism. Everyone has some rights and everyone can make some mess. It is not enough for Europeans to say: WE DO NOT WANT ISLAM IN OUR HOME. They must say: WE WANT OUR CHRISTIANITY IN OUR HEARTS.

Almost the same situation is in the U.S. America is worldwide known as great democracy. All human rights, freedoms, ideas about liberty were exported from the U.S. into the rest of the world.

America has always tried to ensure its specific political system based on Founding-fathers most important principle: GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. U.S. was always wide opened for many people, no matter who they are or where they come from. They have had a chance to find them in the land of free and home of the brave.

Many of those people brought their identity with and mix it with American, some just drowned into the American identity and forgot about the previous one. There are a number of those who brought their identity, religion and heritage with and keep following them in the heart of one modern and free countryas America is.

It is not the problem they keep that with, the problem is that they do not want to adjust themselves to America, they are planning to push America adjust to them. That is the main crossword we are concerning about- Islam and Muslims in America. They have asked to live under their own Islamic Law- Sharia Law in one Judeo-Christian country.

It sounds they do not accept to live under the U.S. Constitutional and therefore they try to implement the piece of Islamic state into the western state. Instead of civil rights and freedoms, they would like to spread the law which was made hundreds years ago and was made for special purposes and in special regions. Is it possible to explain to some Americans that he have to accept honor killing in his society just because it is a sign of someone’s religious freedom? Today it is honor killing. Tomorrow will be jihad on the street against all of people who do not follow Islam.

It is surprising how weak the current U.S. administration is in political decisions making process. American politicians have a truth phobia and therefore they still have a debate about Sharia Law. If they refuse the idea of Sharia Law they will be accused they are not democratically and multicultural oriented.

But, the question is: why do they need to be multicultural oriented if that direct lead whole nation into the later security challenges, risks and threats? Democrats’ forgot they should keep on the mind American national interests rather than only their internal election goals. Obama and his administration present America as a state where everything is possible.

In plastic words: if some aliens come in the future and take place in America, they could request their Alien’s Law and Obama will let them have it. It is not correct. It is simply wrong and it is destroying the American capacity and national power. The old wise quote is: When you are in Rome, just consider yourself as a citizen of Rome.

The typical political myth is a story of multiculturalism. It does not exist. It is only a good ground for political manipulations from any side.

I do not want multiculturalism if I lose my security in the name of being multicultural. Think that is the point and think that only religious right wing of American national body could save the country now. If you let liberals discuss about your future, it means you won’t have it.

First of all, it is more than important to educate people about Islam and Islamic religion. As much as they know about it, they won’t be manipulated in some future Islamic propaganda. They should be explained that allowing Sharia Law in US will bring other implications with, like home growing terrorism is. No one should think that Muslims will stop with their requests. After possible Sharia Law, will come other efforts for making DIN VA DAVLA – Islamic empire. This is only the first step, sensible checking of public emotions regarding the Muslims rights.

My personal opinion is that Sharia Law has no future in America. As soon as possible when most of Americans realize what true Islam is talking about, most of them will say NO to it. Although, it is very significant for state to choose wisely new political management. In the age of clash of civilization, when we have Islam on one side and non-Islamic world on the other, the state needs only strong leaders and hard politics. Without it, state has no future.

Beside this, Christian religion in the US must be strengthen. It is not encouraging the information that almost 20.000 Americans converted into Islam each year. People should know that religion is not a market. You can get whatever you want and use it for some time unless you find it something more interesting. An average American should have knowledge about what has, what would like to leave and what want to convert in.

Some Americans must learn how to be good patriots and good religious people if they still want to keep their country safe.

Multiculturalism has died. Instead of it, we got the Islamic culturalism dressed in the color of democracy and human rights but simply based on sharia values and all efforts to make Allah Empire.

We should recognize that on time. We should act before another 9/11.

Sandra Maksimovic-Sara, has an MA in Biological  Counter Terrorism Studies, with special interests of researching and writing about  Biological Weapons, Biosecurity and Biodefense. Sandra hails from Serbia.

Twitter: @SaraWmd

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