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Sharia Law In The USA – Rising In The Shadow Of Failed Multiculturalism

In the last few months, there has been a lot of information and misinformation about possible Islamic Law in the U.S. First of all, political games of this type started in EU, where many Muslims have tried to push their own laws into the system under they have lived for years. Therefore, united Muslims from Germany, […]

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1924 Paris Olympics

The Summer of 1924 saw the Olympics come to Paris, the VIII Olympiad.  The home of Pierre de Coubertin (father of the Modern Olympics).  This was the second Olympics held in Paris and was held between 4th May and 27th July 1924. Venue: The main venue for the Games was the Stadia Olympique Yves-du-Manoir, which […]

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http://www.seattlemarathon.org/ Seattle Marathon Association Who we are The Seattle Marathon Association (SMA) is a non profit organization governed by a ten member Board of Directors. It is proud of its commitment to providing a quality running event in the Pacific Northwest, providing our sponsors with maximum exposure in association with the event and making a […]

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Oprah Calls in The Terminator

Oprah has called in Arnie to save her Network from slumping further, with ratings low the rescue missiion is now on… The chat show queen has called upon Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger to BEEF UP her ratings by drawing male viewers to her network with at least two weekly shows.  In one show he will host […]

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London Olympics | 1908

The 1908 Games was the forth Olympiad and was origionally scheduled to be held in Rome, but with Mount Vesuvius erupted in April 1906, the Italian Government could no longer hold the games so London stepped in at last minute and inspite of the of the short notice the Games in London was a huge […]

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St. Louis Olympics | 1904

The 1904 Games was officially called ‘The Games of The III Olympiad’ The Games were held from July to November in St. Louis, Missouri in the US.  But again the 1904 Games was subject to the same curse as the Paris Games, over shadowed by another event ‘The Louisiana Purchase Exposition (also known as the […]

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