London Olympics | 1908

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The 1908 Games was the forth Olympiad and was origionally scheduled to be held in Rome, but with Mount Vesuvius erupted in April 1906, the Italian Government could no longer hold the games so London stepped in at last minute and inspite of the of the short notice the Games in London was a huge success and very well organised.

After two very chaotic Games in Greece and France the Olympic movement was in tatters and almost killed it.  After the greatly successful London Games, the Olympic Movement was back on track and attracted more international competitors, introduced better organisation and some of the traditions that are now an essential part of the Olympic Games today.

The Games was held in White City, London.  It was the first Games that had a purpose built stadium built for the event (White City or Great Stadium).  It could seat 68,000 people and saw events such as the athletics, swimming, cycling, wrestling, gymnastics and soccer matches.

The Marathon:

ever wondered why the Marathon is 26miles 385yrds?  Well all marathons were previously 40km (25miles) but at the London Olympics the marathon at the request of Princess Mary, the marathon distance was changed so the start could be at Windsor Castle, and finish at the Royal Box at the stadium, organisers would either have to move the Royal Box or accept the new distance.  The 26miles 385yards has now become the official marathon distance and the standard length since the 1924 Olympics.

At the time of the Games, Great Britain refused Ireland independence and as a result Irish athletes boycotted the Games.  America also protested about the refusual of Irish independance as many of their athletes were migrants from Ireland and at the time of the opening ceremony the US team did not dip their flag to the British Royalty which is a tradition that still continues today).

Great britain Won the 1908 Olympic.


  • Host City: London England
  • Nations participated 22
  • Athletes participated 2008 (1971 men & 37 women)
  • Events organised 28 sports/110 events
  • King Edward VII opened the Games
  • The 1908 London Olympics was the first Games to have an official Opening Ceremony.
  • Was the first Games to have the competitors march in behind their countrys flag



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