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Olympic Records

Heres a look over Olympic History, highlighting a variety of records So lets take a look at some record breaking facts and figures… ALL-TIME MEDAL TABLE: COUNTRY GOLD SILVER BRONZE TOTAL USA 930 728 639 2297 Soviet   Union 395 319 296 1010 Great Britain 207 255 252 714 France 192 212 234 638 Germany […]

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Team GB Olympic History

So do you know where Team GB have done over the years? Are we as good now as the past or are we a better team getting better, or are we a team in need of hope and Olympic success going down the pan? Now the Games is here in the heart of our capital, […]

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London Olympics | 1908

The 1908 Games was the forth Olympiad and was origionally scheduled to be held in Rome, but with Mount Vesuvius erupted in April 1906, the Italian Government could no longer hold the games so London stepped in at last minute and inspite of the of the short notice the Games in London was a huge […]

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WR | Fastest Half Marathon on Road Carrying 120lbs Pack

Mike finally reached the Half Marathon Point of the London Marathon carrying his 120lbs Pack, but after struggling with an injury picked up on the course Mike had to bin the full marathon goal and settle for just the 10km, 10mile and half marathon world records. Mike completed the half marathon distance in a time […]

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WR | Spinning Marathon 96hrs (2003)

The record stood at 76hrs…  To cycle non-stop on a static spinning bike for more than 76hrs was the challenge, Mikes plan, to raise the bar to 96hrs (4days).  The record attempt at Wimbledon Esporta Health Club began great, with a large crowd of support from press, local TV, members and staff and two of […]

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WR | Fastest Half Mile on Treadmill Carrying 60lbs Pack

Oct 2003 at Esporta Health Club in Wimbledon Mike broke his 4th world record and his 2nd of the day! The fastest half mile ran on a treadmill carrying 60lbs pack…  Mike ran an impressive 3mins 32secs, Mike was on target to break 5 world records in just one day, a feat never achieved before […]

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