WR | Spinning Marathon 96hrs (2003)

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Mike in the Wimbledon News

The record stood at 76hrs…  To cycle non-stop on a static spinning bike for more than 76hrs was the challenge, Mikes plan, to raise the bar to 96hrs (4days).  The record attempt at Wimbledon Esporta Health Club began great, with a large crowd of support from press, local TV, members and staff and two of the trainers decided to support by riding the first 24hrs alongside Mike to keep him company.

By day three, things started taking a bit of a dive with Mikes left leg swelling so badly that he could not use it and had to cycle with just the right leg and have the left leg raised to reduce the swelling, the cycling shorts he was also wearing had to be slit at the bottom of each leg as they were cutting off circulation.

Mike broke the record at noon on the 5th November 2003, stating that it had been the toughest challenge he had done in his life to date.

Date: 1-5 Nov 2003

Spin Bike Marathon

World Record Time: 96hrs



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