Wave Rider 16 | Smoother, lighter and faster

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Ive been running with the Wave Rider 15 Limited Edition shoes since just before the Olympics and as a pronating runner Ive never got on with any neutral shoe until trying out the Wave Rider, its light, and great to run in! So looking forward to getting the latest edition on my feet for a good run out!

Ride the Wave for your best run yet…

Wave Rider 16

Smoother, lighter and faster
As Mizuno’s most iconic running shoe to date, the Wave Rider returns lighter, faster and smoother than ever before. This is a shoe that has always been engineered for high mileage runners who like a cushioned ride and the Wave Rider 16 is no different.
As part of Mizuno’s ‘Moments’ campaign, the technical advances of the Wave Rider 16 work in harmony to accelerate the running experience of the wearer into a truly memorable one. Such technical advances include the exciting evolution of Mizuno’s unique Dynamotion Fit technology.
Dynamotion Fit is effectively a series of strategically placed panels throughout the shoe that are positioned to enhance a snug-fit feel. Mizuno’s design engineers challenged the thought to improve the transitional ride without compromising on fit and weight. The  result is an anatomically positioned soft suede construction of support straps bonded to the internal structure of the forefoot and lateral side of the shoe helping the acceleration at toe off.
Providing a silky smooth, transitional ride from the heel impact to the toe off, the Wave Rider 16 also features new innovations in the SmoothRide concept, through technological advancements in the SR Touch technology. As a shock-absorbing cushioning compound found in the midsole’s rearfoot, the new SmoothRide Foam is even lighter and more responsive than the VS-1 used in its predecessor.
Whilst providing ample cushioning and stability, the Wave Rider 16 weighs in at just 280g compared to the Wave Rider 15’s 310g. New advancements in upper construction with bonded and lighter material selections to support straps and mesh constructions help improve this overall lightweight feel.
Wave Rider 16 RRP – €140
Male/Female Weight – 280g/245g
By Mike Buss | World Record Breaking Ultra Athlete

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