Why Adults Gain Weight

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Why do adults gain weight???  Why when we hit middle-age, do we get what we call that middle-age spread?

Why do we just keep getting fatter as we get older?

To be honest in all my time of training people over the year, Ive found most of my clients dont actually eat too much food or even as much as they ate when they were younger, so why does the average person add 1lb of body weight every year throughout middle age?

You might assume that the more fat you are the less activity you do, but this is only part of the problem…  As we get older, we lose about half a pound of lean muscle tissue every year, this muscle loss is largely due to our metabolism slowing down as we get older.

As our metabolism slows down, the more calories are stored as fat, the real problem behind the expanding waistline can therefore be traced back to loss of muscle tissue.  Muscle is a very active tissue, a pound of muscle requires 30-50 calories a day to maintain itself, so it is fundamental to weight loss and weight control that you prevent further muscle loss and keep our metabolism high so you burn more calories 24hrs a day.

Article by Mike Buss

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