Why Diets Dont Work…

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The most popular way to lose weight is to DIET…  People assume that if they lower their calorie intake then they will lose weight.  However, over 96% of dieters regain the weight they lost and often gain more weight than they were before the diet when they come off the diet and eat a normal healthy diet.

So why dont DIETs Work???

When you reduce your calorie intake, most of your additional energy comes from protein stores which results in muscle loss. Very low calorie diets (600-900calories per day) may result in muscle loss as fat which causes additional problems.  The muscle loss causes a drop in metabolism, making further fat loss more difficult.

When the diet is over and normal healthy eating is started, the dieter maintains the lower metabolic rate which means even more calories are stored as fat.  Psycologically dieting is a very negative process, it denys you of certain foods, tells you when you can and cant eat & restricts your food intake.

Basically when you diet, your body will lose weight initially, its simple maths, if you eat less calories than you are burning then you will lose weight, but only to a point.  Your body goes into starvation mode, lowering your metabolism, its a safety mechanism in our bodies that triggers when food intake is lowered.  The body starts to think its being starved and so lowers the metabolism to store the fat for our bodies to use as energy when we have limited or no food available to eat.


By Mike Buss

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