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BEAVERFIT Equipment | Endorsed by World Record Breaking Endurance Athlete Mike Buss

About Beaverfit

BeaverFit is a British institution of strength conditioning equipment. We design, manufacture and distribute training equipment specific for strength and endurance development in all athletes. BeaverFit works closely with CrossFit Shropshire – CrossFit Shropshire gives all our equipment a proper hammering before it goes out on the open market. We are pleased to supply equipment to CrossFit gyms across the country, Rugby clubs, American Football clubs, Athletic clubs, Expedition training and much much more.

Here at BeaverFit we offer a facility that allows you to dream up you perfect piece of gym equipment. Working closely with our experienced staff we are sure that we can help bring you ideas to life. You may have an odd shaped building or bad access into your building that does not cater for conventional gym equipment, or you may have an idea that takes gym equipment to another level, what ever it is don’t hesitate to get in contact and let’s get the ball rolling!!!

Founder Tom Beaver is a dedicated athlete having run over 30 marathons, 10 ultra marathons and completed the world’s toughest triathlon – Eduroman’s Arch to Arc!! (Follow his process at

Before his endurance days Tom played rugby to a competitive level. These days Tom is very involved in his local CrossFit gym this helps him to push the boundaries with new and improved strength equipment.

At BeaverFit we design and build everything you can see on our website. We are never too proud not to listen to our customers and review our equipment.  We strive to build equipment that will achieve results and handle decades of abuse.

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