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Suspension Training on Beaver Fit Rig

Suspension Training on Beaver Fit Rig

CROSSFIT has been one of the top US hottest fitness trends for a number of years now and here in the UK it’s been slowly increasing in popularity and move right into the mainstream of the fitness industry with iconic international brands such as Reebok getting involved.

CROSSFIT has been an underground fitness programme in the US since 1974, get rid of your hi-tech gym equipment and just grab a sledge hammer and tractor tyre and your well on the way to getting fit caveman style! This is the most fun you can ever have whilst getting fit, believe me!
CROSSFIT The Ultimate Workout

CROSSFIT The Ultimate Workout

So what is CROSSFIT?
Founded in 1974, it focuses on strength and conditioning concentrating on varied movements such as squats, pull-ups and deadlifts performed at high intensity.
It’s a fitness programme that however fit or unfit you are, anyone can join in, working at their own level within a great group dynamic.
The style of training can be adapted to any environment indoors or out, in your garage or gym, giving you the best all over body workout your body has ever seen!
CROSSFIT plyometric session

CROSSFIT plyometric session


The style of training has become so popular over the globe that it has even had a sporting event built around it and now with Reebok involved CROSSFIT has made it into many mainstream gyms.
This training regime is the best programme to compliment anyone’s training goals, from the newbie wanting results, to the professional athlete wanting that edge over their rivals.
Most people’s training regimes are very one dimensional using machine weights that don’t work muscles through their full range of movement.  CROSSFIT works all of your muscles in every direction and with full range of movement.
Hammer and Tyre Training, a CROSSFIT Favourite

Hammer and Tyre Training, a CROSSFIT Favourite


Just go to google and type in CROSSFIT to find your local CROSSFIT centre, ask your local gym if they run CROSSFIT sessions or training based on its methods.
Walking into a CROSSFIT Gym, you will walk into what looks like an adventure playground with equipment looking much like climbing frames, what we call in the industry as Rigs, one of the best companies providing these rigs is BEAVERFIT (Twitter @BeaverFit).
Other company’s providing the very best equipment in the world of CROSSFIT is Jordan Fitness (Twitter @jordanfitnessuk) PowerBag and Life Line USA.
CROSSFIT gyms really are an adults playground that will keep you inspired and committed to getting fit with the biggest variety of fitness session you have ever seen.
Back in 2009 there was only 5 CROSSFIT gyms in the UK, now there are over 100. So now it’s time, become the fittest you’ve ever been, no excuse! New Year 2016 is just around the corner!
By Mike Buss.

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