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The average person in the UK consumes more than 8.6g of Salt, a staggering 2.6g over the RDA,  18.2g per week over the weekly RDA (over 10days worth of salt in just one week).

There is overwealming evidence linking a high salt diet to raised blood pressure, increased rick of stroke, stomach cancer and aggravating conditions such as osteoporosis and asthma.

The big problem with our diet in the UK and the rest of the western world is that most of the salt we eat is hidden in our food such as the high processed food many of us eat on a regular basis.


Some food is high in salt due to the way they are made, this includes processed foods such as microwave dinners, bacon, cheese, pickles and yeast extract.  These should be eaten in moderation.

Other food products we consume that are high in salt are, bread, cereal, pasta sauces, crisps & Pizza.  Always check the labels for salt content and find the lower salt options.


Most of the salt we eat, about 75%, is hidden in processed food, always read the labels provided on the packaging and try to find and buy the Low-Salt Options.

Some labels not only carry salt content but the sodium content also.  1g of salt contains 0.4g of sodium.

  • 1.25g of salt (0.5g sodium) per 100g/ml is considered high and should be avoided or consumed in moderation
  • 0.25g of salt (0.1g sodium) is considered low.


The body needs salt (sodium chloride) to function.  However too much salt can be harmful.  Salt taken in moderation, sticking to the Daily RDA of 6g is what you should look to bring your intake down to.

Try LoSalt if you are going to add salt to food or look for foods with sodium haturally in them.

Victoria Beckham ditched her diet to help her conceive.  She allegedly cut out salt as part of her diet while trying to conceive.

Jessica Simpson craved salt and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during her pregnancy.


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