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Record Your Personal Goals

Ensure your goals are not beyond your capabilities. Set your goals and use them to focus on achieving the results you want. Use the information below to put together your our Goal Setting Sheet to put up somewhere that you will see every day, like on the fridge.   SHORT TERM GOALS: Goal:     […]

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Get Started – Get Fit

Most people at some stage in their lives, have tried to keep to an exercise programme and failed…  They start off with lots of enthusiasm and then gradually the eagerness drains away. WHY? Maybe the exercise that they chose was too demanding, maybe they began to make excuses, they didn’t have enough time.  Maybe they […]

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This Circuit designed by Mike Buss Celebrity Personal Trainer has been designed to give you the SIX PACK Your always wanted… Sets: 3 | Time: 60secs per set | Rest: 20secs between sets Full Sit Ups Plank Left Leg V Sits Crunch Sit Ups Right Leg V Sits Weighted 1/2 Sit Ups Reverse crunch Side Crunch (Left) Side Crunch […]

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