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Alex Reid Launches New MMA Workout

Ground And Pound That Fat Away With Alex Reid…  Alex Reid has come full circle leaving the circus of the Celebrity World to come home and train the people of Aldershot & Farnborough with his new MMA Style Workout ‘Ground And Pound Firm Up’. This week Alex launched his new fitness class at local gym […]

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Hydro-Actif – The UKs Premier Water Workout Training Programmes

Back in 2003 I attended a Hydro-Actif Instructor Course to teach Aqua Aerobics, skeptical about the effectiveness of aqua aerobics for getting fit, I went in with a very negative mind set, but the gym I was personal training out of paid for me to do the course and it was extra REPs points for […]

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Get Started – Get Fit

Most people at some stage in their lives, have tried to keep to an exercise programme and failed…  They start off with lots of enthusiasm and then gradually the eagerness drains away. WHY? Maybe the exercise that they chose was too demanding, maybe they began to make excuses, they didn’t have enough time.  Maybe they […]

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WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today

WORKPLACE CHALLENGE – Join the Challenge Today www.workplacechallenge.org.uk This is a FREE challenge for you and your business to get active. Sign Up for FREE today and you could win prizes when your workplace becomes active! CHALLENGE COLLEAGUES – CHALLENGE FRIENDS – CHALLENGE YOURSELF In partnership with the British Heart Foundation, the WORKPLACE CHALLENGE has […]

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The F.I.T.T. Principle Of Training Can Be Applied To All Methods Of Training. FITT Means: Frequency: The number of times per week you train, for maximum benefit you should look to train 3 times per week minimum. Intensity: The level of which you workout at.  This can be measured by your heart rate. Time: Length […]

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