The Effects of Hearing Loss

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Word cloud concept illustration of hearing deafness

Word cloud concept illustration of hearing deafness

As many people know I’ve lived with hearing loss for several years, and have a first hand knowledge of living with hearing loss and how isolated it can make you feel in situations like group discussions.

Virtually no other condition in medicine can have such a profound effect on quality of life as even moderate hearing loss in some people.  Hearing loss makes even routine communication difficult.

High frequency loss often involves you losing the ability to hear consonants like s, f, t and z, even though vowels heard normally.

Consiquently, this means that people hear but but cannot make out what is being said and accuse people of mumbling.

This may result in frustration, withdrawal from social activities, depression and marital discord.  People lose the ability to take in sounds like birds singing, the rustling of leaves and voices of children.

In general, these infringements on quality of life can be overcome through medical or surgical treatment, or with wearing hearing aids.

When hearing loss occurs early on in childhood, it can be devistating and consequences are more obvious than when it occurs later in life.  A hearing deficit in infants can interfere with psychological, emotional and speech development.  It can also make learning a mammoth task and can cause frustration and isolation.

By Mike Buss.


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