Unikurve Review Part 1 With Mike Buss

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During LIW 2012 at the Birmingham NEC As usual I was at the show checking out whats new in the world of fitness, and a few pieces of equipment turned my head and raised my eyebrow.

One of these was Unikurve…  I love crossfit style training, functional and core training and this simple piece of metal stood out to me as a very funtional and versitile tool for the gym.

Speaking to the inventor and owner of Unikurve ‘Mike Curry’, a British Infantry Soldier with the TA.  Whilst Mike was injured, he looked for a tool to train with to work around his injury, not happy with what was out there, Mike came up with Unikurve, curved in shape with various hand holds to give limitless exercise routines and positions.

Unikurve offered to give me their 9lb and 18lb Unikurves to try out, train with and give my feed back, so after nearly one month of training with Unikurve myself and with my clients here is my first review of Unikurve…

First, I have one word to describe Unikurve, AWESOME!

It really is, there are many gimics in the fitness industry but Unikurve is definitly the real deal, Ive had some serious core workouts with Unikurve and by the end of the routine, Ive not needed to use anyother pieces of kit.

The look of the Unicurve of cool looking, colourful (pink for the 9lb version & green for the 18lb version), and very versitile, after using it for a month I dont think Ive even scratched the surface of how much you can do with this great piece of kit.

Cardio – Core – Functional – Endurance – Power – Strength, it really hits all aspects of training, small enough to chuck in the car boot and take to the hotel for a workout if your hotel doesnt have a gym, great for the home for the individual and as for a personal trainer, this really is a must have tool!

As a personal trainer, I love to give clients not just a full thorough workout to achieve their goals, but also to make it fun and inventive, motivational and varied, Unikurve gives me that with just one fitness tool.

For more details on Unikurve and to purchase one, go to www.unikurve.co.uk

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  1. Mike Curry says:

    Great review mike, many thanks for trying out Unikurve, and Im glad you like it. Team Unikurve is really growing as awareness is spreading.

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