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Shake The LoSalt

The average person in the UK consumes more than 8.6g of Salt, a staggering 2.6g over the RDA,  18.2g per week over the weekly RDA (over 10days worth of salt in just one week). There is overwealming evidence linking a high salt diet to raised blood pressure, increased rick of stroke, stomach cancer and aggravating […]

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In bad economical climate we now find ourselves in, many are going back to basics with food and their shopping.  So check out the revival of the good old spud. DID YOU KNOW? 13% of Britains Vitamin C intake comes from potato. There is more Vitamin C in a portion of potatoes than in an […]

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GENIE BRA | As Seen in OK Magazine

NO WIRES, NO HOOKS, NO ADJUSTING STRAPS A Pack of 3 for Just £39.95 + FREE P&P This smooth seamless cup design bra eliminates embrassing bulges, lines & creases. Stretches to any shape or bust, doubles as a camisole. Simple sizing with no need for chest measurements or cup sizes – just pick your dress […]

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4 Things She Cant Resist

GET THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS WITH A BODY TO IMPRESS Smile: Studies have shown that women find a mans smile irresistable over muscles.  Keep you teeth pearly white, avoid drinks like coffee and coke and stop smoking if you do. And remember to smile into her eyes and not at her chest. Stubble: Peter […]

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The TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Fry Up! | 620Kcals

  2x Grilled Potato Waffles   ½ Tin of Beans   1x Poached Egg   2x Rashers of lean bacon (Recommended: Grill   using George Forman Grilling Machine)   1x Large tomato (slice in half & grill)   25g Mushrooms (grilled)   1x Glass of Orange Juice   ONLY 620 Calories | Though this is […]

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Fresh Strawberries Special K Breakfast

  1x Mug of Special K   Handful of Fresh Strawberries (sliced)   Skimmed Milk     

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Banana & Syrup Pancake

  70g plain flour   1x Large egg   Pinch of LoSalt   150ml Milk (skimmed)   70ml Water   15g Flora Pro-Active   3x Ripe Bananas   2tbsp Manuka Honey   

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Protein Pancakes | This mix makes 2-4 pancakes

  25g plain flour   1x Large egg   1x Scoop of protein powder (Recommended ISO2   Nutrition)   60ml Milk (skimmed)   20ml Water   15g Flora Pro-Active   2tbsp Greek Yoghurt (low fat)   2tbsp Manuka Honey   Handful of Blueberries

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Roast for Six | 525kcals

How about gathering the whole family round for a lovely Sunday Roast with this healthy option Sunday Roast Dinner which doestnt spare the taste. Ingredients: 1x 2kg whole chicken (free range) 6x Medium potatoes 1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil 4x Carrots (sliced) 2x Large leeks (sliced) 1/2 Savoy cabbage (shredded) 150g Frozen Peas 4 […]

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Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese | 431kcals

Ingredients: 300g Lean minced beef 1x Large Red Onion (finely chopped) 2x Garlic cloves (crushed) 2x tbsp tomato puree 2x tsp dried mixed herbs 1x Red pepper (deseeded and chopped) 200g Mushrooms (sliced) 1x Medium carrot (finely chopped) 1x Medium courgette (chopped) 150ml reduced rock salt 300g Dried spagetti (try wholegrain) Ground black pepper What […]

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