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FITkidz Half Term Fit Camp 28th – 31st May 2013 @ mikebussPT Fitness Centre

FITkidz Fitness & Activity Camp is back!!! And BIGGER Than Before! For ages 5yrs to 10yrs (Primary School Age) After the success of our Easter FITkidz Camp we have extened the hours to a full morning of fun and fitness. Activities wil include, team games, kids introduction to first aid, team building activities to promote […]

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Introduction | 1 Day Workshop £40

NLP is widely recognised across the world as a powerful tool for rapid change and the achievement of excellence.  NLP is widely used in the world of Elite Sport, Business, professional development and personal development. This one day workshop will give you an overview of what NLP is and its principles.  The focus of this […]

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BOKWA Has Arrived In Swindon – Launched at The mikebussPT Fitness Centre

March 2013 saw the launch of BOKWA at the mikebussPT Fitness Centre, this dance based aerobic fitness class has been building a large following looking for the next thing after Zumba -The fitness Industry moves fast and classes are proof of that, with energetic dance based classes found in every fitness club around the world. After […]

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Laser Clay Shooting

Have a great fun time for all ages, using authentic de-activated 12-bore shotguns, addapted to Laser Shooting.  A conventional clay launcher is used which can be adjusted to fire clays at different heights and angles. A minimum area of 30m x 10m is required to enable the clays to fly and land.   A maximum […]

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Kids Self Esteem Hit by Reality TV Shows Like X-Factor

As much as we are addicted to these reality TV Shows such as X-Factor, there seem much spread  agreement that it is effecting our kids self esteem. Its thought that thousands of school children are now suffering from low self esteem bue to watfhing shows like the X-Factor and The Only Way is Essex.  The […]

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What do eggs, nuts and insect stings have in common?

They are all triggers of allergic reactions in children.  Its thought that around 40% of children now suffer from allergies.  The reaction to these allergies can range from fairly innocuous, to life threatening in the case of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is an abnormal bodily response to a usually harmless substance.  It can occur within […]

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4×4, Karting and Skid Pan | Chippenham, Wiltshire

A dynamic activity centre offering driving experiences from skid control training to kart racing.  How about 4×4 off road driving in Land Rover Discoveries? With our BORDA accredited instructors giving you skills needed for 4×4 driving you will soon learn just how much fun it really is! Check out our 350m outdoor kart track, our […]

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Sail & Paddle @ Croft Farm | Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

This idylic rural setting is set right on the River Avon and boasts an excellent clubhouse, and has great enthusiastic and friendly instructors.  The Croft Farm is well known for watersports, offering a tremendous variety of challenging and inspiring activities that can be tailored to suit your needs. Activities include: Windsurfing Sailing Canoeing Power Boating […]

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This is a great opportunity  to get some hands on flying experience in genuine 1940s vintage ex-military bi-plane trainers.  The chance to experience aerobatics in open cockpit and to see one of the most beautiful parts of England from the air. Tiger Airways takes its name from the Tiger Moth, probably the best known of […]

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Level 1 KETTLEfit Trainer | £150

Introduction The KETTLEfit Level 1 Course introduces students to the background and history of Kettlebells, outlining health and safety considerations as well as identifying indivudual conditions which preclude Kettlebell use. Students will be taught many kettlebell exercises suitable for a range of clients from beginners to intermediate and advanced. Course Format The KETTLEfit Level 1 Trainer Course […]

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