Are You US Army Fit?

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Do you think you could pass the new US Army Fitness Test? Here it is…

The new US Army Fitness Test, is said to be more suitable to making troops combat fit compared to the current fitness test which involves as part of its strength testing, press ups, sit ups and chin ups, along with a 5mile run.  The US Army website states “The Army Combat Fitness Test will better connect fitness with combat readiness for all Soldiers.”

The new combat effective fitness test, could be ready as early as October this year and rolled out across the whole service by 2020.

In addition to improving combat readiness, the goals of the new test are to “transform the army’s fitness culture,” reduce preventable injuries, and “enhance mental toughness and stamina of the soldiers,” according to the site, which outlines the requirements and offers tips and videos for training.

So lets see what is involved with the new Army Combat Fitness Test, this is what soldiers will be physically required to do:

  • Dead-lift between 120 and 420 pounds, at least three times.

According to the army, this ability represents movements required to “safely and effectively lift heavy loads from the ground, jump, bound and tolerate landing” – all skills that are useful in combat.

  • Throw a 10-pound medicine ball backward and overhead for distance.

The requirement for this event stems from the ability to use “quick, explosive” movements to manoeuvre equipment.

  • Complete as many hand-release push-ups as possible in two minutes.

In addition to testing endurance, this ability represents “repetitive and sustained pushing used in combat tasks.”

  • Do five, 50-metre shuttles involving sprinting, dragging, lateral, carry and sprint with a 40-pound kettlebell and a 90-pound sled.

This is a test of “strength, endurance, and anaerobic capacity,” according to the army.

  • As many leg tucks as you can do in two minutes while on a climbing bar.

This portion of the test assess strength of grip, arm, shoulder and trunk muscles.

  • Run two miles for time with the aim to be under 12 minutes and 45 seconds.

According to the army, the run measures aerobic endurance – a requirement for ground movements and operations.

To pass, one will need a 60-points minimum on the new test – which will be age-and-gender neutral.

The improved fitness test coincides with the release of a report by The Citadel in collaboration with the US Army Public Health Centre and the American Heart Association that shows low fitness of US Army recruits “poses a threat to military readiness and national security.”

According to the report, recruits from 10 southern states were “significantly less fit” – and consequently more likely to encounter injury.

The new fitness test will be tested in October by unit type but will likely be army-wide by October 2020.
















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