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A few months ago I was asked by HOT GYM if Id like to trial their portable gym, as everyone knows Im addicted to fitness so anything I can try and get a good workout on is like christmas!

Checking out the website, the frame looks great and very muli-funtional for an allover body workout.  So after a few months of use, what do I think of it? should you get one? and why?

Well first off lets cut straight to the chase! YES, I love it! So go get one!  Forgetting aside the multi useage of the kit for a moment, why should you get one?

Personal Trainers, many of us are mobile, we need multi functional usage kit that is compact or colapses down and can go in the boot of a car, HOT GYM ticks all boxes, Ive colapsed it down and put it together in minutes, taken it to clients houses and even set it up in the park for clients to use.

You can save even more time by just leaving the frame in two parts (top half & bottom half and still fit it in a reasonable size car boot.

The businessman and regular traveller, especially with economical times, many companies that require their sales staff etc to travel around the country and stay in hotels are now using the more ecconomical hotels which dont have gyms, so how can you train? Well with HOT GYM you have a complete gym which you can set up in the smallest of hotel rooms.

The frame itself only weighs in at 15kg and comes colapsed in an easy to carry shoulder bag.  Its portable size is: L 101cm x W 9.3cm x D 9.6cm.  When it is all set up the frame measures: H 193cm x W 100cm x L 600cm.

The frame is suitable for anyone up to 6ft 6inch and up to 17stone in weight.  Developed over 10yrs, HOT GYM has been perfected engineering and training expert Ian Johnson, who has trained using the HOT GYM himself all of that time, using his knowledge to fine tune it to its present form.

Now its time for you to check it out and get one for yourself…

As it says on the tin, this is the Ultimate Home & Travel Gym, and Ive decided to endorse it.

  • The Cost: The HOT GYM comes in at: £179 plus delivery.
  • The carry case that is a useful way of transporting it is £20.

By Mike Buss | Celebrity Trainer | mikebussPT Ltd

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  1. Andy says:

    Hey Mike,
    Nice review. Just one question, how do you attach the TRX onto it without toppling?


    • mikebuss says:

      As the Hot Gym is perminently in the gym now, we have secured it to the wooden floor, so very secure.

      I have used it with clients out on the sports field and still used it with the Suspension straps such as TRX & Milokit and what we found was it works without toppling over if you use long spike through the holes in the base. Just make sure you angle them in such a way that they add more grip against the transfer of weight when using the TRX etc.

      Hope that helps

  2. Gavin says:

    very interesting product, just wondering how its stability is when doing multiple chin up. it would be great if there’s video showing someone doing more than 15 reps chin/pull up on this. or trying to swinging a bit on the rack?

    • mikebuss says:

      Hi Gavin,

      It is very strong and we have road tested it with many of our members at my gym – If you can, you can go all day on this product and not destroy it… As for swinging on it, Id say no

  3. Andy Bonner says:

    Hi. Hope you may be able to assist. I’m looking to purchase a Hot Gym to use for H I training in my garden. Would it be suitable for kipping pull ups?

    Many Thanks

    • mikebuss says:

      Check out the website link and contact Hot Gym Direct, My oppinion they are great and very robust, it will do great in the garden or in the house or hotel room, its easy to set up and take down.

  4. Calum says:

    I really want to order one are they strong and wint wobble when doing pull ups??

    • mikebuss says:

      The Hot Gym is a great solid piece of kit for the home or the business person that’s always travelling with work and doesn’t have access to a gym.

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