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BOOTCAMPfit: This is a military style fitness workout session involving mainly outdoor fitness training, using equipment such as sandbags, car tyres, battle ropes, and your own body weight. BOOTCAMPfit has become Swindons most popular outdoor fitness sessions offering tough but progressive fitness sessions to all levels of fitness from the new beginner to the elite […]

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FIT for RUGBY Circuit

Here is a circuit to help you with your fitness for Rugby: Sets: x3 | 40sec each exercise | Rest: 20secs between each set Powerbag Burpees On the Spot Sprints Crunch Sit Ups Powerbag Lunges On the Spot Sprints Powerbag Squats Press Ups Alternate Squat Thrusts Dorsal Raises  

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BODY WEIGHT CIRCUIT | By Mike Buss Personal Trainer

Forget the need for a gym – All you need for this circuit is you: Sets: 3 | Time Each Set: 60secs | Rest: 20secs between sets Press Ups Squats Chin Ups Lunges Bench Dips Squat Jumps Inclined Press Ups Burpee With a Jump By Mike Buss Personal Trainer  

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This Circuit designed by Mike Buss Celebrity Personal Trainer has been designed to give you the SIX PACK Your always wanted… Sets: 3 | Time: 60secs per set | Rest: 20secs between sets Full Sit Ups Plank Left Leg V Sits Crunch Sit Ups Right Leg V Sits Weighted 1/2 Sit Ups Reverse crunch Side Crunch (Left) Side Crunch […]

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The Footballers Circuit | FIT4Footie

THE CIRCUIT: Sets: 3 | Rest: 20secs between sets | Each set 40secs Toe Taps Lunges Squat Jumps High Knee Running on Spot Crunch Sit-Ups Press Ups Stride Jumps Reverse Crunch Burpees Article Sponsored By:

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