Bodyweight Suspension Training Coach (1Day)

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Bodyweight Suspension Training Coach (1day)

Bodyweight Suspension Systems, like the MiloKit and Jungle Gym, are highly versatile pieces of equipment that allow you to develop a strong, functional body through manipulation of your own bodyweight.

Because they require no external resistance it is suitable for adults of both genders as well as children. Suspension Systems can be attached to any suitably sturdy high anchor point, meaning it can be used in the gym, at home or outside. Suspension System Exercises can be easily progressed through manipulation of vector resistance and stabilisation factors, and because elite athletes to every-­‐day clients can achieve a challenging multi-­‐planar workout, Suspension Systems are fast becoming an essential piece of health club, training centre and PT equipment.

One of the most comprehensive Bodyweight Suspension Training Courses available in the UK, exclusively at Jordan Fitness, manufacturers of Jordan Suspension Frames and distributor of the MiloKit and Jungle Gym.

The Bodyweight Suspension Training Coach Course will teach you all of the safety and set-­‐up considerations, the theory of suspension training and its application, as well as dozens of foundation exercises and progressions. This will enable you to develop and perfect your own technique, as well as introducing this innovative form of training to your clients. Suspension Systems are fantastic for functional training, fat loss programmes, and postural correction. If you want to expand your Personal Training Sessions, Offer Specific Strength & Conditioning Programmes, Want to Deliver Group Suspension Training Sessions – then THIS COURSE WILL DELIVER.


  • Personal Training
  • Group Exercise Classes


9 REPs CPD Points for successful completion of the course.

Entry Requirements To qualify for REPs CPD attendees should possess a Level 2 Gym Instructor or Studio Instructor Qualification minimum and a Valid REPs membership. This course is open to fitness enthusiasts not on the Register of Exercise Professionals, but certificates will not include REPs CPD Points.

Course Aims & Objectives

The Aim of Bodyweight Suspension Training Coach is to provide a comprehensive practical overview for fitness professionals of the background, science and application of Bodyweight Suspension System training.

By the end of the course attendees should be able to:

1. Understand the benefits of Suspension System Training and how this equipment fits into the Functional Training Methodology.

2. Understand the safety considerations and how to safely and effectively set up and use Suspension Systems.

3.  Demonstrate the correct techniques for different upper body, lower body and core Suspension System exercises.

4.  Progress and regress these exercises using a variety of methods (including external loading, bodyweight angle, swing resistance or stability).

5.  List the pros and cons of Bodyweight Suspension System in comparison with other training modalities.

Assessments Practical & Theory: ­

  • Practical: Competent Demonstration of selected Suspension Training Exercises.
  • Theory: Theory assessment on Suspension Training science and applied knowledge. 40 Questions (80% Pass Mark). (Must be handed to tutor before the end of the day).


Pre-­‐Course Revision of Course Material (2h+)

10.00 Registration & Suspension Training Theory ­‐ Safety, Set Up, Application

10.45 Practical – Set Up and Upper Body Exs

11.45 Break

12.00 Practical – Upper Body Exs 13.00 Lunch

14.00 Practical – Lower Body Exs

15.15 Break

15.30 Practical – Core Body Exs & Stretches

16.30 Programme Design & Consolidation

17.00 Course Conclusion

Included with Course Price

  • Pre-Course Suspension Training Coach Manual*
  • Post-Course Suspension Training Coach Certificate*
  • Suspension Training Example Circuit Training Cards*
  •  Certified Suspension Training Coach Logo*
  • Example Suspension Training PT & Group Sessions*
  • Supporting Material

*All provided in electronic format:

Also Available Suspension Training Promotional Posters, Banners & Pull Ups Suspension Training Exercise Posters Jordan MiloKits, Jungle Gyms Jordan Suspension Frames – 1.5m, 2m, 3m

Course Price SRP is:

  • In-House (20 attendees) £750 + costs + VAT
  • Small Course (4attendees) £395 + costs + VAT

Costs can include travel, equipment shipping, accommodation (if necessary) and printing of manuals/certificates if desired.

For more details on this and other courses from Jordan Fitness, or to book, Contact Jordan Fitness Academy at:


Tel: +44 (0)1945 880257


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