Healthy Drinking

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You need to remember that the body is made up of 80% water, so maintaining a healthy balance of fluids is essential! When detoxing, its particularly important to increase your water intake to help cleanse the system and flush out any impurities.

Fruit Juices:

These can be drunk in addition to the recommended amount of water (2ltrs per day).  If you buy the carton fruit juices, just check the labels for unsweetened juice and not the juice made up from fruit pulp mixed with water.  The best option is to just make your own with a juicer.


You should aim to drink 2ltrs of plain water per day, this may seem a lot but remember we are 80% water…

Try Herbal Teas like Echinacea and fenugreek, these are reported to be the best.

Dandelion Coffee which can be found in health food shops is also a great replacement for normal coffee that can dehydrate you.

Home-made vegetable juices are also great, try beetroot, carrott, celery and cucumber.

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