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BODYPUMP has to be one of my favourite classes and is also one of the greatest and fastest ways to get in shape and strip away the fat.  BODYPUMP is a toning and conditioning class with weights and is for anyone of any level of fitness that wants to add strength to their cardio programme.

Ive been doing BODYPUMP for about 10yrs and Ive seen the class evolve over the years with some great workout routines to awesome tracks pumping out of the speakers.  As part of a Les Mills workout programme, it shows through the dedication and professionalism to perfect an awesome class that works and enjoyed the world over.

Each workout is 45mins to 1hr and can really work the athlete and the fitness novice in the very same class at the same time, exercises can be modified and weight on the bar can be increased or lowered dependant on your strength ability.

The workout starts with a shortened version of the main exercises using light weights to get you in the mood for what is about to come…  Legs, Chest, Back, your large muscles are targeted with heavier weights used at a range of speeds to both burn calories and tone up.

Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, Isolate and target specific muscles with these toning moves with lighter weights…  Lunges, The weights are increased again and optional if you prefer to lunge without weights.

Abdominals, Build up your core strength with various choreographed sit-ups targeting all of your core.

Press Ups, Hitting the upper body to finish you off…  Trainers especially in the 45mins class will choose one or the other, press ups or sit ups at the end of the class give a great finish to a great workout that has become an interigal part of my training.

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