NEW YEAR NEW YOU – How To Keep Your Resolutions

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New Year brings out the Want for a New You…  Nearly a 1/3 of the UK population will make New Years Resolutions, the problem is that in a normal time of year, the drop out rate at gyms across the UK can be as high as 75% within 12weeks of joining! Goals get swallowed up by life, work, family, Disapointment and so much more.  With the New Years Resolutions that everyone jumps head strong into, so many more than normal fall off the band wagon and fall back into their old ways, WHY???

Well New Years Resolution people are the weakest in the mind of people that want to get fit, lose weight and get healthy, its like you are forced to make a goal for hte new year, where as someone making the same goal in June doesnt have that pressure and has made a consious decision to get fit without the pressure of resolutions, but from the need to get fit and healthy.

I have worked with thousands of people over the years getting them the goals they want and the formula that Ive used over the years is very very simple.

Become the personal you want to be and follow these simple steps…


In business, many companies use this to build their company, and expand, and is also very good for any goal that anyone has in mind, not only for fitness and good health.

In the Fitness Industry working with clients we use it like this:

S: pecific

To say you want to loose weight just isnt good enough, how much weight? when do you want to loose it by? Be Specific

M: easurable

How much weight do you want to loose? a good idea is 1-2lbs per week.

A: chievable

Be realistic, to say you want to loose 2stone in a month just isnt going to work, but to say you want to loose 1-2lbs per week, is very realistic for anyone and very achievable.  So when you loose more than you have set yourself you get even more of a buzz for doing well.

R: ecordable

You need to make a diary, record your weight loss each week, ask yourself whatever your goal is, is it recordable? well to loose 1-2lbs  each week is very recordable.

T: imed

Give yourself short and long term goals.  To loose 1-2lbs each week for the next 3months is giving you a time to loose weight short and long term.

So a SMART GOAL would look something like this…

“I want to loose 1-2lbs in weight every week for the next 6months.”


Believe in yourself:

Believing in yourself is a powerful tool, the power of the mind is what will help in times when your goal dips.  There will be times when one week you wont loose any weight, dont worry about it! Be strong and positive.  Negative behaviour such as eating for the sake of it when you are unhappy wont help and send you further down the road of falling off the wagon to great health.  So stay positive and believe you can do it!

The Short Term Goal:

Work towards the short term goals, dont get fixated on the long term objective…  Each short term goal is another mile stone to success.  You didnt get over weight over night, it happened over years, so loosing it wont happen over night also.  So by concentrating on the short term will make you more positive.

Reward Yourself:

Each time you hit a short term goal, reward yourself, if it was for not smoking for the week, take yourself out shopping or put it away for a holiday to ultimately reward yourself. Smoking 20 per day will cost about £45 – £50 per week! A nice pair of jeans or a night out at the cinema.

Loosing that first stone in weight is a huge milestone, reward yourself by taking yourself on a shopping trip and buy some new smaller clothes.


Using these methods, you will stay strong and focused and become the New Years You.


Good Luck Guys


By Mike Buss | Celebrity Trainer


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